Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vampire Summer 2010

As Mo Ryan has just pointed out on her twitter, this June is going to be incredibly vampire-heavy on our TVs.

Not only does the new season of TRUE BLOOD start on HBO June 13th, but the CW network just bought the rights to re-broadcast CBS series MOONLIGHT. They plan to do so back-to-back with re-runs of their hit show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, beginning June 3rd.

Add to this fangbanger pile-up the oncoming premiere of TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE in theaters on June 30th, and you have got one seriously vampy summer coming up this year.

For those of us who like our vamps a little older and good bit wiser, let me share a drop of TRUE BLOOD with you... this is one of six "minisodes" that HBO is premiering each week leading up to June 13th. (Minisode 2, with eternal virgin vamp Jessica, is here.)

PS... this just in: new Buffy comic book cover, hilarious! Eat your heart out, Stephanie M.

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