Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ships for The Ages

Over at Watch With Kristin they are asking for readers' favorite romantic pairings, past and present, on television. That inspired me to make a list of some of my own favorites:

"Oh gosh. So many! Currently on air: Owen/Yang on GREY'S... the Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle on TRUE BLOOD... the Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet quadrangle on LOST... And great foxy blasts from the past: Nate/Brenda on SIX FEET UNDER... Willow and all (Xander/Oz/Tara) on BUFFY... Apollo/Starbuck/Anders on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA... and Nikita/Michael on LA FEMME NIKITA."

Leave your favorites over on their post... or here in the comments... or both. :-)

(Wait, wait! I forgot Joan/Roger on MAD MEN, Beecher/Keller on OZ and Mal/Inara on FIREFLY...)

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The Televixen said...

Desmond & Penny on Lost bring out my inner hopeless romantic! The scene near when they are finally reunited in Season 4 always gets me :)