Sunday, January 24, 2010

Searching for some WebDev advice from the cloud...

Hello all, hope you're having a great weekend. I'm reaching out for a bit of webdev advice on a new site project I am building this month. While I'm working, I'd love to hear from you with any experience/comments you have about the following:

- For reader/member commenting: what you think of Disqus commenting system (like it? prefer another system?)

- For setting up a community site: would recommend WordPress (hosted versus self-hosted?), or do you prefer Squarespace or some other?

- Widget hunt part 1: I'm seeking the best side column widget feature that will feed in bookmarked news items from other sites, and allow me to include a short written note about the link - any one of you have a favorite for that purpose?

- Widget hunt part 2: also looking for the best live-chatting widget for the side column. Any favorites?

- Once the site is online I am also seeking the simplest, best way to activate a mobile version for readers on the move. Looking for recs...

Thanks in advance for any advice!
xoxo E.

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Greg said...

I think Wordpress has some template you can include somehow so that if someone uses a moble browser, they will see a mobile version of it automatically. I don't know the name of it , etc. but plenty of sites use it.

You may want to look into the reliability issues of using and having a blog hosted there, or hosting wordpress on your own server. Most web hosting companies offer Wordpress as an easy install ( (mine does) , and everyone I know that uses it likes it because it's not that hard to customize, and you can rely on help from the many other users. Metblogs uses it for all their city sites.