Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inside MAD MEN season 3: The Shattering Of Illusions

These short behind-the-scenes featurettes that AMC puts online following each new MAD MEN episode this season are always enlightening -- but this week especially, given the gravity of what went on.

All the "Inside" pieces are on the AMC MAD MEN player under the "Inside Season 3" tab.

Great moments from last night's SCREAM AWARDS

The pre-taped and tightly-edited Scream Awards aired on Spike TV last night. Kind of hilarious, but it's like the Comic-Con of awards shows. Strike's more like the corporate-sponsored VIP-party-at-Comic-Con of awards shows. Still, it was mighty entertaining to watch all the celebs reacting to the cosplayers that Spike used to front-load much of the crowd.

A few highlight videos below.

We were given a much better glimpse at some of the gore and nightmarish images of SHUTTER ISLAND in a new cut of trailer materials:

Unfortunately Scream decided not to post video of the cast of THE BIG BANG THEORY doing a very fun introduction to the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA memorial/love/shoutout, before the cast (and David Eick) took their bow onstage. That's really the best part of the sequence. But, here's the semi-awkward video of the cast accepting the award. (Where's Ron Moore?) Whatever. I miss you adorkable BSG cast!!!! Gotta buy my BSG: THE PLAN dvd now. XOXO

Alan Ball accepted his award for TRUE BLOOD as Best TV Show, omg like fer sure! I'm glad he also gave the wonderful and under-appreciated Sam Trammell a moment to be his charming goofy self.

Really, these days, what is an awards show without at least a teensy bit of new NEW MOON footage? This evening it was some pretty damned cool Wolf Pack stuff. MACHO.

This trailer has been out for at least a week, but it was new to me when I saw it last night - the 2nd trailer for THE WOLFMAN. Looks like these cats have got the goods. Pretty fantastic.

An apparently stoned or drunk (?) Elizabeth Mitchell introduced a cool new clip from her ABC show V, which premieres next week:

BTW, there are tons of other V clips popping on the net this week, Spoiler TV is archiving many of them.

That was my favorite stuff. The Keith Richards memorial was too short. The Shatner/J.J. Abrams/Star Trek bit was mortifying. The "exlusive! new!" trailer for Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND looked exactly like the stuff we've seen already. Liv Tyler continues to be unbelievably, elvishly gorgeous. Not a bad two hours.

Great guest star on CALIFORNICATION... or, greatest guest star?

I hadn't heard in advance that the wonderful Stephen Root was going to appear this week on CALIFORNICATION as Sue Collini's (equally perverse and scary) husband. Classic. This better not be the only time we see him on the show...

Man, that Sue Collini puts the C in COUGAR!

Coming soon: Rick Springfield. The real Rick Springfield. Talking about orgasms and trying to seduce Mrs. Runkle, LOL!

Monday, October 26, 2009

So, so satisfying.

Moments of release for the poor oppressed and/or disappointed ladies of MAD MEN are few and far between. Let's savor this one!

So far this fall TV season, watching Joan Holloway on MAD MEN become utterly and completely disappointed with life, and watching DOLLHOUSE's Topher begin what we know is his complete break with reality, have often been tied for sadness quotients.

But in the end, Joan wins. Again.

[GIF courtesy The Vulture. They also have a brand new interview up with Christina Hendricks about last night's show.]

Friday, October 23, 2009

First 9 minutes of V is online

ABC has posted the first 9 1/2 minutes of the series premiere of V, which airs November 3. Video quality is pretty horrendous on this embed, it's a bit improved if you go watch over at ABC's site.

[Hat tip to IGN]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I just posted a few preliminary thoughts about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE PLAN over on Sitrep. More to come...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Give Sammy some love.

Just because you know he deserves it. Congrats to TRUE BLOOD for winning their many Scream Awards last night. Taped show is on Spike TV Oct. 27th!


Friday, October 16, 2009

How do I love GLEE? Let me count the ways.

Most certainly the best new show to come down the pipes in a while. Simple snarky joy. With songs.

P.S. I'm also having much fun with CALIFORNICATION, COUGAR TOWN, EASTWICK, and BORED TO DEATH this fall; have become unnaturally fascinated by THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and FLASHFORWARD; and continue to be copacetic/satisfied with DOLLHOUSE, GREY'S ANATOMY, and PRIVATE PRACTICE. Don't even GET ME STARTED AGAIN regarding MAD MEN, natch.

What are you watchin'?

Friday, October 9, 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is back... just a few more weeks! Here's the first promo with anything resembling new footage -- and what trippy footage it is, eh.

[ETA hat tip to LA Times for identifying the music: Greg Laswell's "Come Undone."]