Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall TV 2009 - what I'll be watching

Here's a quick list of shows I'll be watching this month as Fall TV kicks into gear. Btw you can look at tons of video previews for all the fall shows over at iTunes and YouTube's fall preview sites. IGN also has a pretty good fall TV section set up, though it is naturally written from the fanboy perspective. And The TV Addict made this great downloadable/printable calendar for every show start date this month, while E!Online has a list of premiere dates that covers the entire fall.

Durham County (Ion), Trauma (NBC)

Glee (Fox), Cougar Town (ABC), Eastwick (CW)

Grey's Anatomy (ABC), FlashForward (ABC), Community (NBC), The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Dollhouse (Fox)

The new and improved At The Movies (featuring real critics this time from respected newspapers; hoping this will get good again.)

Mad Men (AMC), Defying Gravity (ABC), Californication (Showtime), Ken Burns' National Parks: America's Best Idea (PBS), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Bored To Death (HBO)

There is also the new music performance show Later With Jools Holland (Ovation), which will be on many nights a week starting Sept. 7. Here's a clip featuring TV On The Radio:

Coming in October are the rest of the shows I'm eagerly waiting for: Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, Private Practice, and season 2 of Durham County (featuring Michelle Forbes). I'll be giving Trauma, Eastwick, Vampire Diaries and FlashForward a try, hoping they are watchable. The pilot for Community was fun. From various TV journalists I read, it sounds like the pilot for Bored To Death is disappointing but the show picks up considerably in eps 102 and 103 and is Paul Auster-like (for you book hounds).

Cannot wait for it all to get rolling.

ETA: I am not sure if this date is correct, but apparently the second season of Merlin will air in the UK starting September 19th. If so, hopefully my brit pals will send me tapes of the new eps right away. If not, I'll wait for them to air next year on NBC. Here's a trailer...

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Greg said...

I've been watching them film "Trauma" all around town this year...they have this helcopter that can't actually fly that they truck around and deposit where needed.

the weird thing is that we've had more than a few real life trauma incidents (trams crashing into cars and so on) that have had them call out the Real Trauma Guys and people have mistaken these for filming.

They also filmed a HUGE explosion on Highway 280 early this year, go on Flickr and you can see amateur photos and video. It was pretty awesome.

Most of it will be filmed in LA, to save money, but they are doing the "film for a few months in SF" thing that Journeyman and others do.

Irony: they canceled "Life" (which co starred the Mayor's wife) for this thing. Which sucks because Life was a good show.