Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Night with MAD MEN in Times Square

Here are a few fun flipcam videos I shot at the MAD MEN Season 3 premiere screening in New York's Times Square this past Sunday night. This was a lovely fan event, despite the muggy heat -- and luckily for us, the organizers took one look at my friend Jen's great vintage frumpy-secretary outfit and let us into the VIP seating, hurrah! Bryan Batt showed up, and was very sweet (see video below), and there was a fun costume contest (see a nice photo here of all the contestants). Sorry for my unstable video-arm and our chitter-chattering in the background, but Jen and I had been bar-hopping for hours at this point (hitting the Algonquin, the Rum House and the W lobby bar) and were quite giddy.

I put some annotations on this first video, if they don't display here check them out over at my YouTube channel.

Here's Bryan Batt introducing the screening.

Here's a terrific video by New York Magazine - Dyna Moe was in the house!

By the way if you don't have cable, you can get new MAD MEN episodes over at Amazon VOD and at iTunes. Enjoy!


Sibylle said...

That's awesome! Thank you so much for the videos, wish I'd been there.
What was the audience's reaction during the hotel scenes?

ProgGrrl said...

Oh Sal's "big scene" in the hotel got a reaction, for sure. Surprise, happiness, etc. But for the most part the entire crowd was pretty quiet -- all straining to hear every line of the delightful sparkling dialogue, natch. :-)

Sibylle said...

That's nice! I was totally rooting for him myself - how fitting that Batt was there, it was some terrific acting. I must say, I was pretty worried - all the time I thought "how can they possibly hear anything, it's Times Square". I'm glad you got VIP seats, that must have been some outfit!