Saturday, July 25, 2009

TRUE BLOOD Comic Con panel

Well the TRUE BLOOD panel just ended, and HBO has already launched the exclusive trailer they screened there for the rest of us to watch, yay:

If you can't watch above, try this YouTube version

I have a few other comments that I left over on this LJ community. One other thing I forgot to post over there: Charlaine Harris confirmed tonight what we'd been hearing earlier in the week, she has signed on to write 3 more books. Yeehaw!

Here is a ZIP archive of screencaps of a great set of panel live-tweet feeds -- including HBO's official twitter and some other journalists who were in attendance. More panel reporting from Watch With Kristin, HitFlix and Zap2It. This Eric fan did a marvelous job of screencapping all of Alexander's shots in the trailer...and the reveal of the Queen herself, Evan Rachel Wood. (Note what is on the couch behind naughty, this show! LOL)

I was able to watch about 75% of the panel on this livestream, which seems to be archived. It's about 35 minutes long. Video is awful but more of the audio is great. Enjoy! ETA: Here is the video of the panel that I watched, it's embeddable now! Whee!

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Hayley said...

Good work!

I cannot wait until series 3.

Though I guess I am going to have to.....June 2010!