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San Diego Comic-Con 2009: A Preview

Ah, the wonders of San Diego Comic-Con...they are upon us in just a few days now. I hope you will follow me down the geekedrabbit hole by keeping an eye on this blog, watching my Twitter, and/or subscribing to my FriendFeed and my SDCC FriendFeed Room to keep track of tons of great stuff out of the con.

My absolute toppity-top list of things I'll be tracking are these items below, which I've listed somewhat in order of importance and/or predicted entertainment value:





Joss Whedon 2 hour block
24 with Katee Sackhoff

Tim Burton's appearances for ALICE IN WONDERLAND and 9






That's the toppermost, but below is a list of EVERYTHING that might be interesting to track. Hope you will wade in with us! See you on the other side.


TV pilot previews: V and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Ever since we caught V's terrific upfronts trailer, I've been excited. Let's hope this one pays off. I suspect we shall require 3-4 eps to be sure. As for the VAMPIRE DIARIES...well...this promo ad is the picture that says 1000 words, n'est-ce que pas? A short day means very few negatives, natch. But the potential for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES to disappoint even this happy vampire lover is large. Perhaps only the tweens will love it. We shall see.


Hall H is screening 3D footage for the first time ever this year. That's a win unto itself...and one that none of us homebound plebians can share. So I hope some bloggers and fans will let us live vicariously through their prose. Either way, the 11am Disney 3D panel includes Tim Burton's first time at SDCC with his new film ALICE, Robert Zemeckis's first SDCC panel, and the long awaited new peek at TRON 2, which created a massive sensation at last year's con with unexpected and awesome preview footage featuring Jeff Bridges.

Disney is also hosting a second animation panel at 12:45 today with Pixar's John Lasseter and another con virgin, the great Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, who's newest film PONYO is about to come out stateside.

Kristen Bell is back for the ASTRO BOY panel this morning. I don't give a damn about ASTRO BOY, but I do love me some Bell. Hopefully she'll gracefully Twitter away during con. panel on THE HOBBIT (10:30) promises to "take you behind the scenes of the latest news, announcements, and rumors pertaining to the Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro production." If there really is some scoop at the con that isn't given away during Peter Jackson's panels and interviews, maybe a fan can unearth it here for us.

The makers of THE MIDDLEMAN are putting on a Cast Reunion and Table Read of the final (unproduced) ep at 11:15 - I didn't watch this show, but I know a lot of you enjoyed it. What a clever way to feed the faithful. I'm sure it'll be big fun for fans.

The QUANTUM QUEST panel will be nerdalicious, to be sure -- but I have to say this sounds intriguing: "A 3D, CGI Large Format film that combines beautiful animated sequences with actual space imagery captured during seven ongoing NASA and NASA/ESA space missions. Featuring a stellar voice cast that includes Neil Armstrong, Chris Pine, Samuel L. Jackson, Hayden Christensen, Amanda Peet, Robert Picardo, Jason Alexander, Tom Kenny, Sandra Oh, Brent Spiner, James Earl Jones, Williams Shatner, Mark Hamill, Doug Jones, Abigail Breslin and Gary Graham, Quantum Quest has been endorsed by the X Prize Organization, the International Space University, Challenge Center for Space Science Education, and the Young Astronauts Council." (12:00, Ballroom 20)

The first BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-related panel this weekend is the annual Richard Hatch love and wackyness fest at 12:30 in Room 6A. This year's announced guests include BSG/CAPRICA/VIRTUALITY writer/producer Michael Taylor, and annual guests BSG/CAPRICA composer Bear McCreary and BSG/CAPRICA/VIRTUALITY science advisor Kevin Grazier. SDCC schedule says they'll be screening "the new BG 30th trailer"...anyone know what that is?

And don't forget that Bear McCreary has concerts this week at the San Diego House of Blues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with very special guest hosts! In addition to the announced cast guests, according to Katee Sackhoff's official website, she'll be there too to perform on stage with Bear as she did at the Los Angeles show earlier this summer.

DANTE'S INFERNO panel (12:30, Room 8) - look, I'm no gamer...but these guys are turning THE DIVINE COMEDY into a videogame and an animated feature? Why the heck not! Apparently the filmmakers will be premiering a trailer at the panel.

Speaking of "Dante"...Joe Dante will be pimping his new "3D thriller" THE HOLE today. I'm mildly curious. (12:45, Hall H)'s WONDER WOMEN: FEMALE POWER ICONS panel (1:15, Ballroom 20), and a panel with filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto about his plans for a third TETSUO feature (1:00, Room 32AB) are happening at the same time. Something for everyone! I for one, having a vagina and all, would be in the room with ALIEN/AVATAR's Sigourney Weaver and LOST/V's Elizabeth Mitchell. I mean -- come on. Wonder who's the mod this year for the wimmin panel (last year was Kevin Smith, a very, very odd choice...)

Starting at 1:45 in Hall H is Summit's big preview panel -- which opens with even more Kristen Bell and her ASTRO BOY...and ends with Fangirl Extravaganza TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON panel. Via Twitter several fansites have said they know for a fact (from talent reps) that Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner will all attend. I'm paying a lot more attention to the sparkly vampires now than I did last year, since this spring I too succumbed to Meyer's teen wet dream. The room will undoubtably be soaked. Heh.

By the way if you are a Twihard counting the minutes till the panel vids hit YouTube, you might want to check out HitFix and Rotten Tomatoes, they are unspooling a TON of NEW MOON set visit details this week. also has some great new material. If you take a look at the week's posts from this, this, and this twitter feed, you'll see most of it.

I'll admit it here and now: I DO NOT GIVE TWO SHATS ABOUT AVATAR. Don't hate dah player, hate dah game, man. I'm sure I'll end up seeing the movie when it comes out, so take a chill pill boys.

For you DVD nuts out there who can't (or refuse to try to) get into Hall H till after the AVATAR panel, or have no interest in the BURN NOTICE panel happening right now in Ballroom 20 -- the guys from the great site Digital Bits are doing a panel at 2:30 in Room 7AB. Hopefully they'll have some cool news, maybe show a few clips or something?

ROBOT CHICKEN's panel starts at 3:00 in Room 6A. They were one of the greatest live panels I ever saw at NY Comic Con a few years back. Also look out for clips from their new stop-motion series TITAN MAXIMUM which premieres on Adult Swim this fall. If you are a fan of these nutty folks, I also suggest you 1) follow their twitter and 2) go to their Skate Party Tour dates; the first one is this Saturday night at SDCC!

Once again, Bill Plympton is doing a panel and screening clips. According to the sched, all attendees also get a free Plympton drawing! (3:00, Room 5AB)

Terry Gilliam is brining his latest film THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS at Con, and hopefully we shall have a thousand fanboy accounts of the panel, the film, and any glimpses we get of Heath Ledger's final role. Parnassus also stars Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Christopher Plummer, Tom Waits, Verne Troyer, Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield; it remains without a US distributor, btw, and fans can keep tabs on it via the official site, Twitter, and this good fansite. (4:30, Hall H)

Let me also admit here: I don't watch DEXTER. AT this point it has become one of those shows that I know I'll watch over some insane 3-week period, on DVD, once it's done. (Yeah that and THE WIRE... I know, I *know*!!!) So I'm not going to keep any eyes on the DEXTER panel -- but I suspect many of my readers will. Let me do my sweet little DEXTER tangents: TWILIGHT SAGA screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is on the panel...and I am getting pretty psyched to see GAMER mainly because of Michael C. Hall's bad guy! Hee. (5:00, Ballroom 20)

I'm sort of fascinated with REN & STIMPY mastermind John Kricfalusi, despite the fact that he hasn't really *done* anything in the past decade to earn my fascination. What will happen at this panel? Does anyone know what he's up to? Anyhow I hope full video somehow makes its way onto YouTube. (5:45, Room 6BCF)

STARDUST was snarky good adult fantasy fun, enough so to keep me curious about Matthew Vaughn's next project: an adaptation of the comic book KICK-ASS. I am SO not the demo for this movie. (5:45, Hall H)

Discover Magazine's Phil Plait is doing his 2nd year of the SCIENCE BEHIND SCIENCE FICTION panel -- and this year he's got even more guests including BSG/CAPRICA/BUFFY/DOLLHOUSE writer/producer Jane Espenson. (6:00, Room 6DE)

If I was actually in San Diego today, by this time of the day I'd be ready for my first scotch...but there are still two more cool things to peep! The nerdiest panel of the day IMO: THE ANTHROPLOGY OF STAR TREK (6:30, Room 30AB), and the only Cannes Jury Prize winner you will be seeing at this year's Con: Park Chan-wook's vampire drama THIRST (6:30, Hall H). Also see tomorrow 9pm for a full screening of THIRST.

Afterhours promises several fun events:
-- the obligatory DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-A-LONG BLOG screening -- with song! (8:00, Room 6A)
-- a screening of TWILIGHT with some of the cast introducing the film; I predict a riot...of joy.
-- The first of HBO's nightly TRUE BLOOD happy hour parties is tonight and I'm sure there will be lots of swag giveaways, TruBlood guzzling, and fangbanging to be had by all.
-- If I'm reading the Con sched correctly, tonight's screening of Michael Dougherty's TRICK 'R TREAT, which has a great cast and a fun trailer, will include a pre-screening panel moderated by AICN's Harry Knowles with Dougherty and some of his cast including TRUE BLOOD's Anna Paquin and BSG's Tahmoh Penikett? Really? Very cool if true. This film is apparently going straight-to-DVD and VOD this fall (9:30, Ballroom 20).
-- If you are one of the special invited guests of Fox publicity, you might attend a preview of some footage from Karyn Kusama/Diablo Cody's film JENNIFER'S BODY with Megan Fox. There is apparently also an afterparty. A hot ticket to be sure!


Bright and early to Hall H folks! Or you will NEVER get in there... (or, are they clearing the hall after each panel? I've heard that too.) 10am brings the Warner Bros. film panel and their promise of glimpses of the long-awaited Spike Jonze adaptation of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE; Richard Kelly's latest film THE BOX; the first we've seen from The Hughes Brothers in 8 long years, BOOK OF ELI with Denzel Washington; Megan Fox's other new flick JONAH HEX, starring Josh Brolin; the remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET; and SHERLOCK HOLMES starring Robert Downey Jr.

Perhaps you didn't get into Hall H? Or you are a maniacal fan of the sci-fi show FARSCAPE? Then I assume you'll be reporting for us on the 10:15 "Farscape 10th Anniversary Panel" with Brian Henson, Rockne O'Bannon, Ben Browder and Claudia Black. The con schedule mentions something about some "exciting news" coming during this panel. Lovely.

Those of us eagerly awaiting AMC's miniseries reimaging of THE PRISONER hope there will be news or at least some new footage from today's 11:30 panel which promises to include Jim Caviezel, Jamie Campbell-Bower (The Twilight Saga: New Moon), Lennie James and the creators of the series. I'm very disappointed Ian McKellen isn't attending. Whatever.

Ditto for the new ABC series FLASH FORWARD...I'm getting conflicting info about this panel though - are they screening footage, or the entire pilot here? Anyway I'm just happy to see Joseph Fiennes getting some good work at last and hope this show pulls us in, the premise is mighty enticing. Panel is also promising a surprise guest...(11:45, Room 6A)

At 11:45 in Ballroom 20 comes the combo BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/CAPRICA panel - featuring our franchise-masters Moore & Eick, newly-annointed CAPRICA mistress Jane Espenson...and in a very clever move, Bill Adama (Edward James Olmos) alongside his grandfather Joseph Adama (CAPRICA's Esai Morales). Since Olmos is also the director of BSG: THE PLAN (coming October 27!), this is a perfect guest list! Though I am sorry Polly Walker and Paula Malcomson won't be there too...maybe next year for the CAPRICA season 2 panel! ::fingers crossed::

SDCC will bring our first-ever glimpse I hope of footage from the new Starz series SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND. Lucy Lawless is on this panel and apparently in the show in some way... the creatives behind the show include Steven S. DeKnight (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Rob Tapert (Evil Dead 1-2, Drag Me to Hell). I'm trying to manage my expectations. (12:45, Room 6BCF)

Again, I'm no gamer, but I suspect G4: Attack of The Show's 1:30 panel today will be fun. Something to do if you're shut out of other, larger rooms, I suppose... (Room 5AB)

The first of several "below-the-line" film/TV crew panels is happening at 2:00 today. This one is for costume illustrators and concept & storyboard artists ("The Design Process for Film and Television"), and promises to include William David Hogan, director and storyboard artist (The Orphan), costume illustrators from CDG, Local 892: Robin Richesson (Iron Man), Phillip Boutte, Jr. (Jonah Hex), Felipe Sanchez (Green Hornet), Christian Cordella (GI Joe), and Brain Valenzuela (Star Trek 2009), as well as illustrators and artists from Local 800: Jeff Errico (Burlesque), Dawn Brown (Star Trek 2009), Ricardo Delgado (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and Josh Nizzi (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen). (Room 32AB)

At 2:15 in Ballroom 20 is the 24 panel. I couldn't care less about this show but I need my Katee Sackhoff fix and I'll take it any way I can get it! There is afterall a 2% chance some fan will convince Sutherland and Sackhoff to yell at each other onstage in character as Bauer and Starbuck, isn't there?

Speaking of a Katee fix, her Facebook, Official Web Site, and YouTube Channel are full of great stuff for diehard fans. Here's a great Q&A she recently recorded using fan questions, in which she discusses the fate of her dead pilot for LOST AND FOUND:

Tim Burton's second appearance on stage at con happens at 2:30 today when he joins the panel for 9, a film he is co-producing with WANTED/DAY WATCH director Timur Bekmambetov. (Hall H)

I do not watch the show BONES. But I guarantee this panel will be 100% CUTE. (3:00, Ballroom 20)

Attention FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS fans: Adrianne Palicki is supposed to be at the 3:45 Sony Pictures panel to promote her film LEGION with Paul Bettany and Tyrese Gibson! We'll see if she gets a word in...(3:45, Hall H) And if you're keeping score, this is actually the second FNL-related person doing a panel today; producer David Hudgins is also here pimping his new TV show pilot PAST LIFE (2:15, Room 6A).

Also on that Sony panel in Hall H: the long-awaited, thoroughly over-buzzed sci-fi film DISTRICT 9. Keep your expectations realistic and enjoy, the film looks pretty fun...

Back to back today with this Sony panel is the start of a 2-hour block of Joss Whedon goodness in Ballroom 20. Choices, choices. Some days it pays to pick a damned side, TV or movies, eh? :-) Anyhow, Joss Hour 1 is DOLLHOUSE with Eliza Dushku and their patented "no-holes-barred Q&A" stylings. This should be a lot of fun given that the DH "missing episode" #113 Epitaph One is screening at the con, while season 2 has just started shooting in LA. Let's pray for a surprise appearance by Tahmoh Penikett! Joss Hour 2 will apparently be about his upcoming Dark Horse Comics projects.

Also happening now, if you get shut out of the big rooms, is the next below-the-line panel. This time it's for Production Designers, who are certainly a crucial part of making SF&F genre work what we all want it to be... appearing today supposedly are Stuart Blatt (Dollhouse), Scott Chambliss (Star Trek), Nathan Crowley (The Dark Knight), and Alex McDowell (Watchmen). Moderating the panel is John Muto (Terminator 2 3D). (4:30, Room 30AB)

At 6:15 in Ballroom 20 is this year's "TV Guide Magazine: Sci Fi Hot List" panel. Last year's was apparently sort of dry, and I never found any really decent coverage of the panel or any video clips. Guests this year include Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Zachary Levi (Chuck), Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory), Scott Peters (executive producer, V), Rebecca Romijn (Eastwick), Kevin Williamson (executive producer, The Vampire Diaries), Scott Wolf (V), John Cho (Flash Forward), Marc Guggenheim (producer, Flash Forward), Allison DuBois (the real person behind Medium)... "and others."

On the other hand, if you can get yourself back into Hall H at 6:30, you are probably in for a treat. This panel, "Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries— A discussion with iconic filmmakers James Cameron and Peter Jackson on the Future of Film," will undoubtably be a con highlight.

OK, jesus - go get some dinner already! I'm exhausted just typing all this up...

But after dinner look out for another TRUE BLOOD bar party... and if you can get in, a 9:00pm screening of THIRST with Q&A to follow with director Park Chan-Wook, moderated by Joe Lynch from G4.


Drag yourselves out of bed yet again and take your hangover cures, we aren't done yet people.

If you haven't heard yet, someone has turned the delightful book that became a delightful movie THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK into a TV show called EASTWICK. At 10:15 this morning you can see the pilot in Room 6A.

Or, if comics about angst-ridden vampires floats your boat, you could attend the ANGEL/IDW comics panel, with comics writers Brian Lynch, Juliet Landau (yes, THAT Juliet Landau!), and Peter David. (10:00, Room 7AB)

Or, if SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS is more your style on Saturday mornings, there's a panel to "celebrate 10 years of happiness with the world's most beloved sponge." And with Tom Kenny, Paul Tibbit and Vincent Waller all present I imagine that'll be a great ruckus. Ask silly, silly questions please! (10:30, Room 6DE)

Or, you could go get in line for the LOST panel that starts at 11:00...but I'm kindof assuming that if you didn't get in that line about 6 hours ago, you may be screwed. ;-) I have stopped watching LOST (yet again; I always catch back up eventually), but their SDCC panels are always a delight even for the more casual viewer. (11:00am, Hall H)

And here's yet another alternative for those of you who aren't trying to get into Hall H this morning: TWO HOURS OF SETH MACFARLANE! FOLLOWED BY TWO HOURS OF MATT GROENING! That is 4 solid hours of non-stop silliness in Ballroom 20, yowza. Now I realize that last week's disturbing FUTURAMA news may create a stir at the panel...but lordy, I love me some "controversy" mixed with really, really silly voice acting. (FAMILY GUY 11:15; THE CLEVELAND SHOW 12:00; FUTURAMA 1:00; THE SIMPSONS 1:45; Ballroom 20)

JAMES PUREFOY AT COMIC CON. That is all. (SOLOMON KANE panel, 12:15, Hall H)

It's Saturday at SDCC, and this is a big big day for "cosplayers" at con. Tonight is the huge Masquerade and Party. This afternoon offers a place for Steampunk cosplayers to get started: a Steampunk Meetup, 1:00, Room 24A. (When in godsname will you have time to run BACK to your hotel room and change into your Maryann With Claws outfit for tonight's TRUE BLOOD-sponsored Masquerade ball?)

Back in Hall H at 1:30, comes the panel for Mike (OFFICE SPACE, IDEOCRACY) Judge's latest film EXTRACT. I am really looking forward to this movie, and hope the panel with Judge, Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig is fun too.

Also at 1:30pm, if you feel it's worth it: do you LEAVE THE CONVENTION CENTER to see the next new ep of GLEE a few months early? Hmm. If you're thinking yes, head on over to the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront.

If you REALLY love FARSCAPE, then you have to love the comic books too. Um...right? If your answer is yes, there's a 2:30 panel for the BOOM! Studios' best-selling, sold-out Farscape line of comics, with Farscape creator and comics writer Rockne O'Bannon and writer Keith R. A. DeCandido. Again the con promises "big announcements" at this one... (Room 10)

If you weren't around yet on Wednesday, today at 2:45 you get another chance to see the pilot for V, and a cast/crew Q&A that includes Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Morris Chestnut (The Cave), Joel Gretsch (The 4400), Morena Baccarin(Firefly), and Scott Wolf (Go).


THE BEST APOCALYPSE/DESTRUCTION-P0RN WE'LL BE SEEING THIS YEAR: Roland Emmerich's 2012. You know they're gonna premiere some new shots of some other part of Los Angeles, Paris or New York City getting destroyed! Yesssss. ::fistpump:: I really am not sure what it says about me that I find all this footage so damned cool. Also showing during this panel: ZOMBIELAND! (2:45, Hall H)

[FYI you haven't really SEEN this trailer
until you've watched it in HD.
Just sayin'.

There is a 3:30 panel with Ray Bradbury today in Room 6BCF, for you hard sci-fi fans out there. I'm sure this will be an oasis of calm in the day's chaos.

Also at 3:30 today is the next below-the-line panel; this one is for Costume Designers, and promises to include Sanja Hays (The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), Ellen Mirojnick (G.I. Joe), Mary Vogt (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), Rita Ryack (Hairspray), and Ha Nguyen (Priest). (Room 30AB)

The rest of the panel schedule today is a menu of IMPOSSIBLY HARD CHOICES for anyone actually at the con...and for us couch potatoes at home, A DELICIOUS SMORGASBORD of stuff to keep our eyes open for out on the interwebgridnets:

At 4:00pm geeks need to choose between panels for IRON MAN 2, FRINGE, and a TV Writers panels all at the same time. ScarJo at Con! Crazed, mystery-obsessed FRINGE-ers! And a list of TV writers that includes: Dave Simkins (Warehouse 13, Blade: The TV Series, Dresden Files), Javier Grillo-Marxuach (The Middleman, Day One), Charles Murray (V, Criminal Minds, Castle), Sarah Watson (The Unknowns, Parenthood), Gabrielle Stanton (Vampire Diaries, Moonlight), Steve Kriozere (NCIS, Dead & Deader, V.I.P.), Steve Melching (The Clone Wars, The Batman), Matthew Federman (Human Target, Jericho), Ashley E. Miller (Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Mark A. Altman (Free Enterprise, Castle)! The vidclips I saw of the writers' panel last year were really a hoot. What a tough call...

And if for some depressing reason you cannot get into ANY OF THE ABOVE - le sigh - check this out: the creator of CSI, webmasters of LONELYGIRL15, and actor Michael Ironside at a 4:30 panel for their new project LEVEL 26: DARK ORIGINS! Why not? (Room 5AB)

The 5-o'clock hour brings another deadly choice -- TRUE BLOOD, Kevin Smith Unplugged, or Pop Candy's fan meetup? Tough...I guess in the end I'd recommend TRUE BLOOD, because 1) I'm a maniacal, devoted fan of this show right now and 2) I'm sure the Q&A is going to be much hotter now that everyone's seen the show and fans are super-duper invested. HBO: please pull a SciFi Channel for us and post THE ENTIRE PANEL the week after con, kthxbai! (TRUE BLOOD 5:15, Ballroom 20; Kevin Smith 5:15 Hall H; Pop Candy Meetup 5-8pm Hilton)

[this seems to overlap with the TRUE BLOOD sponsored Masquerade
party events...but hell, what good is SDCC if you can't party-hop
in your Eric The Viking costume?]

Now at this point in this day's schedule, ANY SANE CONGOER would probably collapse into a pile of slime. But just for argument's sake (and because I won't be there and can agreggate from every crazy frakker who goes on for the rest of the night), let's say you were not done yet:

MAKE YOUR VAMPIRE TROIKA WEEKEND COMPLETE: get yourself to the screening of new show pilot THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and stay to watch the fangirls devolve into drooling animals over Ian Somerhalder! Yum! (5:55, Room 6BCF)

GET A FEW MORE MINDLESS LAUGHS IN BEFORE DINNER: From what I hear, the VENTURE BROS panels are a wonderful addition to any NY or SD con. And often very very packed with cultists. (6:00, Room 6A)

I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR YOU: BLACK DYNAMITE. This flick killed at Sundance...doesn't seem like they are screening the whole film at SDCC but still -- Elvis Mitchell is gonna be there, at Comic Con? Holy frak. Bring your flask! (6:30, Room 5AB)

There is A TROMA STUDIOS ROAST at 6:30 at the Indigo Ballroom / Hilton Bayfront. This may be the one thing worth going off-site for before you go change into your Masquerade wear... Sure to be insanity. Again: bring your flask.

Also at the Hilton this evening at 8:00pm: very great news that Showtime is putting on a WEEDS panel with show creator Jenji Kohan and castmembers Hunter Parrish (Silas) and Justin Kirk (Andy). Let's all pray for a surprise visit from Kevin Nealon... So hell, why not bring the whole bottle and hang over at the Hilton for this evening!?

Also tonight...a live screening of the Director's Cut of WATCHMEN with Zack Snyder. And if you're not in San Diego that night? Check it out:


Wow, Sunday is Kids Day at the con, and the pickings for us adult geeks are pretty slim. Mainly what I'll be looking for on Sunday is the TORCHWOOD panel. There is a panel at 1:30 for the good silly campy fun of ALIEN TRESPASS; and for those of you Whedonites who are attending con, SDCC once again is going out in style this year with an early-evening ONCE MORE WITH FEELING sing-a-long. All of these events are in Ballroom 20... then it's adieu, sweet Comic Con.

Oh, but there is one more sweet thing to do in San Diego this weekend:


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