Friday, July 31, 2009

First peeks at the Comic-Con KICK ASS footage!

After much trolling on the internet daily, someone has finally uploaded footage of the KICK ASS Comic-Con panel -- including the feature clips. Hurry up and watch, grab, etc, cuz it won't stay up for long.

The first part, sadly, has audio out-of-synch with picture:

The second part is in synch.

ETA: the above clips have been yanked off of youtube, naturally, but not before other bloggers grabbed 'em, put the first set back in audio synch (YAY), and reposted them here. I've put up my three favorite clips again below.

(If these get pulled down again, let me know, I can upload them for sharing if you like.)

This looks sassy, snarky and over-the-top. Can't wait to see the trailer.

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