Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comic-Con tidbits from Variety

Trade mag Variety has posted several pieces today about Comic-Con and there are some fun tidbits throughout, including:

"For many showbizzers, the fan experience is so refreshingly positive compared to dealing with mainstream media, talent have to be dragged away from the floor (much to the surprise of their handlers)." [ Me: Awwwww....LOL ]

Rumors are "swirling about possible appearances by Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington..."


"While Twilight star Rob Pattinson will not do backstage press interviews at Comic-Con this week for New Moon, he and co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will participate in an off-site press conference in San Diego early Thursday morning. That's how Summit is handling huge demand for the film's stars, who will also attend a Hall H panel later Thursday afternoon at the San Diego Convention Center. Fans are expected to line up overnight to gain entrance to that panel." (source)

"A select crowd of Web writers will get to grill Peter Jackson in an intimate post-District 9 screening mixer at Comic-Con..." (source)

"Thursday night, Summit is staggering 15 screenings of Twilight at the Pacific Gaslamp Theaters, with different stars popping in to do intros." [ Me: 15 FREAKIN SCREENINGS. WHOA. ]

"At Paramount's booth, fans can be photographed at the helm of the Enterprise, hang with galactic green girls and enter to win a limited-edition Captain's chair to tie in with the DVD and Blu-ray debut of Star Trek."

"Focus Features will affix QR codes to downtown pedicabs. Snapping the code by cameraphone unlocks one of four exclusive messages from the Tim Burton-produced toon 9."

"WB will unleash a 6-foot Giant Booger Monster made of green slime from Shorts, not far from the Where the Wild Things Are-themed 'ultimate fort.'"


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