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Comic-Con round up: Day One (Thursday)

The dust has settled on SDCC Day One... There seems to be a ton of agreement in the film blogosphere that that DISTRICT 9, KICK ASS, NEW MOON, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and AVATAR got huge responses to their new footage (or in the case of DISTRICT 9, an actual screening)...while THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS made plenty of fans interested in seeing more. There's an interesting debate going on after the fact about which film sneak peek footage got the absolute best response of the day, Kick-Ass versus Avatar.

Now a run down of tons of cool stuff from SDCC Day One! Dig in!

Early in the day, the teaser site for Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard's movie CABIN IN THE WOODS went live. This movie isn't even at the con, and it doesn't come out till early 2010, but you can sign up there for updates by email.

As people pick through the NEW MOON web site which launched this week with tons of content, here's a few nice shots from a very key scene in the film.

I loved the new 2012 poster that premiered Thursday, heh.

WHIP IT girls hit the streets of San Diego! The trailer for this film is definitely my favorite so far this year!

Rotten Tomatoes was collecting tons of random news all day that you might find cool.

Hitfix did a cool live blog of the Thursday morning TWILIGHT: NEW MOON print press conference. Here is Cinematical's take, and the LA Times'.

MTV put up a piece early in the day Thursday: San Diego Comic-Con For People Who Don't Read Comic Books.

THIS JUST IN: the cult UK comedy/scifi series SPACED is now on Hulu! I may finally watch it! (

A lot of non-TWILIGHT fans (and apparently a few fans too!) were not being too kind to Kristen Stewart about her look today -- Minor Threat tee shirt, "mullet"-like hair do dyed jet black, red converse, and not that much smiling. But those of us who love the lady know that's all because she's waist-deep in filming her part as Joan Jett in THE RUNAWAYS biopic (does anyone know if that's the title?)... Check out these hot photos of her on set during filming recently. Wowza.

(Come on now, how great does she look if you're a Jett/Runaways fan?! More here. Btw apparently that shirt is Joan Jett's favorite punk album cover.)

Another kindof off-topic: here are some vids of the great Julie Taymor discussing her progress on the Spiderman broadway musical.

MSN Movies blogger Don Kaye went to the HOBBIT panel Thursday morning.

Hmm, The Underwire says there will be a True Blood "special series reveal" surprise at Saturday SDCC Happy Hour!

Meanwhile, the official show twitter of TRUE BLOOD (@TrueBloodHBO) said this on Thursday: "Secret: At Saturday's panel, we're releasing an exclusive True Blood Comic-Con trailer - it's a sneak peek at the rest of the season!" Color me bouncy, and let's hope lots of fans videotape it!

Here is a great blog for lovers of The Baltar aka James Callis. He's doing signings all weekend even though he isn't on any panels.

The ALICE IN WONDERLAND panel with Tim Burton apparently rocked. Johnny Depp showed up (!!!) and people loved the teaser trailer so much they showed it 3x in a row. Now that trailer is officially online in all its glory, per below. I learned something via Anne Thompson I didn't know about Burton's adaptation: it "takes elements from both the Lewis Carroll classic and Through the Looking Glass, including lines and imagery from The Jabberwocky and "weaves it into a story that had movement and emotion to it." Go Tim Go!

According to comments during the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel on Thursday, Bear McCreary is filming his HOB concerts this week and may do a live release. Also, he'd love to perform the BSG music at the Vancouver Opera House --where the show's Opera House scenes were filmed. Causing some fun trouble at that panel above, BSG writer Michael Taylor said he isn't certain the Lords of Kobol were real. Canon DRAAAAAMAAAA!

Taylor also apparently said that the producers of his show VIRTUALITY are trying to get a VIRTUALITY series going as an international co-production, a la Meteor & Defying Graity. Cross your fingers!

Many of my favorite chuckle-worthy tweets of the day were inspired by an obvious source:

"@denisemartin: Clip for New Moon -- Jacob removes his shirt, girls next to me start convulsing. Move over, RPattz."

"@jeffcannata: Wow. The clip from Twilight is quite literally porn for 13 year old girls. There's no acting, just posing and pouting."

"@jamesrocchi: The Burger King Twilight Crown is this year's Comic-Con Ironic Accessory ..."

"@JHoffman6: Sassy African-American woman just sang Aretha Franklin to the Twilight panel. Awesome!"

"@celebuzz: Kristen just said that Joan Jett gave her the Minor threat Tshirt she's wearing because it is Joan's fav album cover!!"

Let's be clear here now: I am a Meyer and TWILIGHT fan, but not of the squealing-OMG-heissofuckinggorgeous variety. And I enjoy a good chuckle (and sparkle). :-P

Speaking of THAT panel, here is some coverage of the NEW MOON panel from Thursday afternoon: G4's liveblog, a 7-part full video, more great panel coverage at this fansite, interviews with cast after the panel and at the evening screenings, an EW backstage video interview with Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Chris Weitz. There is TONS more here, here, and here for you Twihards. :-)

This guy twittered that Daniel Day Lewis is doing a voice on ROBOT CHICKEN. Hilarious! Anyone know if it's really true though?

At the Female Power Icons panel, Sigourney Weaver said MTV called ALIEN's Ripley the 2nd biggest badass after Clint Eastwood... but "I think she could take him." Heh. Also, Zoey Saldana said the writers of STAR TREK 12 "are germinating some very interesting ideas." Hmm.

A tweet today from Eliza Dushku: "Joss is still awesome, Amy Acker & I may make out nxt ep, & enticing Tahmoments lurk ahead post Comicon..!" WHEE

In great news this week: EW's Ausiello has a quote on his spoilers page from Russell T. Davies about TORCHWOOD: "I’m fairly confident the series [will continue] in some shape or form"...HUZZAH! (WARNING: spoilers for tons of other shows on that link)

Here are the clips from Terry Gilliam's THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS that were shown at Con. I remained interested. You can also get a neat description of the film from the guy who wrote this great Vanity Fair piece on Heath Ledger that just published last month.

Apparently the TRON 2 panel was great. Not much footage to show yet. Yesterday the studio released hi-res gorgeous online versions of the test footage with Jeff Bridges to tide us over till 2010. The new movie apparently just wrapped shooting and has A YEAR of special effects work to go. Here's a written description of the footage screened, which was completely different from the test footage shown at last year's con. Oh and the final title? "TRON LEGACY". Film is coming out in 2010.

There was some fun little TRON LEGACY viral hijinks released earlier this week, with a payoff that gave out Flynn's Arcade tokens to fans and opened a full-fledged 1980s video arcade at con for the weekend! Too fun...I'm feeling nostalgic watching those videos!

Here is another description of the footage from AVATAR. Filmmaker James Cameron brought the 25-minute reel he's been showing to sales agents and other biz folks for 1-2 months now. I am not reading these descriptions really; I haven't been very interested in the film to date, but now I am (especially after reading things like this; if JC gets the Big Ideas across along with the action, this could be something).

There were a zillion tweets about how great the KICK ASS footage looked, they showed a trailer and some clips -- for some reason none of it is online yet. (ETA: this might be because the film has no U.S. distributor.) I'll keep trying to update you all.

By the by, both KICK-ASS and Joss Whedon's CABIN IN THE WOODS will have film tie-in books published by Titan Books, which has a great blog about it all.

I didn't stay up late enough Thursday night to hear the reactions to the screening of TRICK R TREAT, the press event with clips from JENNIFER'S BODY, or the screening of DISTRICT 9, but SciFiWire put a reaction to the latter up the next morning:

"...the consensus among a small group of viewers on Thursday night was that District 9 is the sci-fi movie to beat. We can't give a formal review at this point, but we can tell you that the movie is original and unexpected, with a gritty look and visceral feel that deftly mixes complex visual effects with the grim reality of a South African slum and rocking action with deep character development. The movie combines social commentary, satire and splattery R-rated sci-fi action." [Warning: this article is slightly spoilery, but not too bad.]

After the screening some lucky press bastards hung out with the DISTRICT 9 this guy. He liked the movie. There are a metric TON of DISTRICT 9 reactions up by now (Saturday morning), so just do a bit of poking around. I for one have already watched so many commercials, viral videos and whatnot that I really don't WANT to know any more till the film actually comes out (August 14).

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