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Comic-Con is over and I'm still reading through.

And now we've come...FULL CIRCLE. Joss Whedon <3 TWILIGHT sparkly vamps?
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Mo Tancharoen

Comic-Con 2009 went out in style yesterday with BBC America panels, lots of people trying to finally buy stuff on the Con exhibitors' floor, and a ONCE MORE WITH FEELING Buffy sing-a-long.

I'm sifting through all the madness now to put up some more big posts this week about everything. In the meantime let me leave you with a bunch of video goodies that have popped up this weekend:

In addition to the TRUE BLOOD panel streamed video from Saturday night, you can now watch fan-made video by this person. Here is part 1 of 6:

(Note for you fans of THE GUILD, she also posted that entire panel apparently.)

Some journalists in that room thought the squeals of delight were at some points up at NEW MOON-levels. Impressive!

Bits and pieces of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/CAPRICA panel are starting to go online. Last year Syfy had the entire panel video up the week after the con, so I am waiting and hoping they do that again for the best quality video. There are bits and pieces of video, and some photos here, here and here for starters, and lots of fan reports are popping up on the livejournal fansite here. In this interview vid, Edward James Olmos says he just wrapped his final work as director on BSG: THE PLAN this past week...LE SIGH. EJO will apparently be directing an ep of CAPRICA later in the season.

Meanwhile: A moment of silence for BSG's dedicated Line Producer Harvey Frand, who passed away on Friday. RIP. Bear McCreary's Friday night concert apparently was turned into a moving tribute to Mr. Frand, who worked on BSG from start to finish. He was 68.

Here is the trailer for BSG: THE PLAN that was screened on Friday at con, it's slightly different from what has been seen previously.

The Friday Joss Whedon Extravaganza is online here. Haven't viewed that yet so I'm not sure if it's the full 2 hour session or just the DOLLHOUSE hour.

The entire LOST panel is online here. I am not really watching the show anymore but their theatrics are so well-done that it's hard not to appreciate it for pure entertainment value. I will miss Darlton and their crazy antics and fanlovefests!

These are videos of Katee Sackhoff on the 24 panel. I may actually watch that show now; she is playing a data analyst who is also Freddie Prinze Jr.'s fiance. Apparently she's hinted that there is more to her character than first meets the eye. While watching those vids I realized that Freddie is playing Starbuck's fiance on TV -- and is married to Buffy The Vampire Slayer in real life. Whoa!

This is a pricelessly hilarious and wonderful video of what happened when Russell Davies, David Tennant, and John Barrowman introduced the Saturday night DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD screening. Love these men, love them! By the way it apparently has not yet been officially announced, but word on the street is TORCHWOOD will have a forth season - woohoo!

Here's a collection of snippets from Kevin Smith's hilarious Saturday night comedy panel, sort of Smith Unplugged as it were. A sample below: his take on TWIHARDS - leave it to Smith to put this in the correct perspective for the Fanboy Nation. :-D

This guy has posted vids of the entire IRON MAN 2 panel (sorry no footage), and the entire Kevin Smith panel. This guy has a few peeks at the DR. PARNASSUS panel with Terry Gilliam.

And for those of us that missed the IRON MAN 2 footage, which was all the rage with a packed Hall H on Saturday afternoon? These people decided to swede it for us! LOL

Just like they did last year, Entertainment Weekly has a Comic Con section, with photo and video galleries of con attendees. There is a ton of great stuff in there to dig through.

Jimmy Fallon was spotted at con in the press rooms on Saturday chatting with LOST folks and others... so I'd keep an eye on his show this week...

Great Someone To Watch Over Me / BATTLESTAR GALACTICA tee worn by Bear McCreary on Thursday - it has those very important notes on it...
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