Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More BSG fun from Comic-Con

Syfy has posted a video of the entire BATTLESTAR GALACTICA / CAPRICA panel from Comic Con 2009 [hat tip to scifiwire]:

ScriptPhD just posted a transcript of two panels that will interest BSG/CAPRICA fans: the Richard Hatch-led BSG panel, the The Science Behind Science Fiction panel with Jane Espenson. Near the end of that post is this nifty bit of info:

ScriptPhD (talking with Jane Espenson): Are you guys going to go into the religious monotheism and where that stems from for the original three students in the pilot (including Zoe the avatar)?

Espenson: Yes, we absolutely will! But there is a lot of that explored with their mentor and school headmistress, who really got them involved with the one god philosophy. But we definitely touch on the idea of where that stemmed from and what are really the roots of the Cylon monotheism culture. Where did that really stem from?

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