Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Comic Con...

Team Watch With Kristen is now on the Comic Con case, hunting down dates, times, and details. I'm sure they will keep updating this post, may be worth checking back a few more times later in the week. Very cool: airing entire "V" Pilot on Saturday! So jealous!

You can also go back to the previously mentioned Seat42F post -- it's been updated several times already with news of EASTWICK, VAMPIRE DIARIES, DOLLHOUSE, HUMAN TARGET, BONES and others.

Another neat tidbit: Mark Sheppard mentioned in an interview this week that there may be a reading of an un-aired MIDDLEMAN episode at con. Clever idea...

Here's deets on the special Comic Con edition of the DOLLHOUSE season 1 DVD set. We've heard in the past that Fox may screen the unaired episode #113 at con as well. 113 is definitely on the DVD set (on all versions, not just the Comic Con one).

I'm also happy to hear today that CAPRICA's original cylon Zoe, actress Alessandra Torresani, has been cast in the RUNAWAYS biopic to play Lita Ford. Very cool, AT's got sass. She's Lita to Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning's Cherie Curry. Let's hope this one don't suck.

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