Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Comic Con... trickle... trickle...

Seat42F, who provided an endless stream of useful TV-related Comic Con goodies last year, has just posted his own list of comings for this year's con:

It's never too early for Comic Con news. In addition to all 4 days being sold out news is trickling in at Seat42f on the hour at who will and won't be there this year. Check back for more updates as most of the studios and networks have had their big Comic Con meetings. Complete details should start to roll out over the next few weeks. We will continue to update this list as we get word from the studios and networks on other shows and movies making the trip to San Diego.

Will Be At Comic Con 2009:

The Big Bang Theory



Ghost Whisperer

Flash Forward




True Blood




Will NOT Be At Comic Con 2009:

I know, what a tease! I promised I wouldn't say who, but there is at least one big show that won't be taking their annual trip to Comic Con this year.

I'm guessing that the no-show this year is either SUPERNATURAL or the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/CAPRICA folks. The latter makes sense since the show will just be starting to shoot next month, the producers will be busy and there won't be any new footage yet. But hey, we'll see. ETA: My own sources in the BSG camp suggest there will be a BSG presence for THE PLAN, but not for CAPRICA this year.

Very excited about V and FLASH FORWARD. Maybe they'll screen entire pilots?

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