Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dave Howe talks CAPRICA, THE PLAN, and Comic Con

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Chicago Tribune writer Maureen Ryan is interviewing Sci Fi (SyFy?) exec Dave Howe today and has twittered a few important factoids:

Sci Fi prez Dave Howe says debut of Caprica, BSG prequel series, is likely to be in January. (tweet)

Sci Fi panels at Comic-Con: Stargate Universe, Caprica, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Eureka. BSG movie The Plan "likely" to be there too. (tweet)

The Plan, BSG film, airs in Nov. Also, there *may* be a Battlestar theatrical film in 3-5 years. Not for sure, but possible, sez Dave Howe. (tweet)

Two Comic Con panels? Huzzah! As for a BSG movie, my excitement over that will depend on what sort of movie we are talkin' about. To be continued.

Keep an eye out for a full feature by Ryan over on her site The Watcher...

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