Saturday, June 6, 2009

Comic Con trickles...

First few bits of news about what is coming this year to Geek Prom:

Stephen Moyer confirmed to DaemonsTV that there will be a TRUE BLOOD panel.

MTV Movies Blog was the first to announce that there will be a TWILIGHT: NEW MOON panel again this year. The NY Times has reconfirmed it this week.

The NY Times
has just announced that Peter Jackson will be at the con pimping DISTRICT 9, which he produced. BTW that one is based on a short film you can see here. This is the first-ever live appearance at Comic Con by Jackson.

That NY Times piece also wonders if James Cameron will be at the con promoting AVATAR. No word yet.

I'm getting a teeny bit excited...


Dianora said...

The Psych writers' Twitter feed claims the cast and writers of Psych will be there on Thursday.

ProgGrrl said...

Oh yeah? Thanks for the tip!