Friday, May 15, 2009

Somebody told Buffy about TWILIGHT and...

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kate said...

i know nothing about twilight except from what i read on The Internet, but when i found out that the twilight vampires sparkle, after rolling my eyes and probably doing some sort of gag-me pantomime, i immediately thought of how buffy would react if someone told her such a thing, and just imagining the staking and one-liner-y goodness that would ensue... well, it put my heart back in its happy place again.
but then, there was that one scene early on in the series when buffy (and co.?) walked in on an unsuspecting angel in his apartment, only to find him nonchalantly cuddling a stuffed pig, so... i guess vampires are kind of inherently emo?
probably best i stick with robots - they tend to do less to thwart my too-cool-for-school exterior :)