Friday, May 29, 2009

Will We Ever Have Peace?

"I think that war exerts a really powerful pull on people. War is one of the most profound, meaningful, intense, scary, exhilarating, horrifying, horrible experiences anybody can ever have. The thing nobody talks about when they talk about war, which is just so striking to me, is that a lot of men find it pleasurable.
And that's just the way it is."
-- Mark Boal, writer THE HURT LOCKER

See this movie, THE HURT LOCKER. Kathryn Bigelow made it (she of NEAR DARK, STRANGE DAYS). I hear it's terrific.

Wandering in the Meyer...because you can never read just one.

"Stephanie Meyer gives a kind of supernatural context to people's real feelings, which sums up what we all go through."
-- Chris Weitz, director TWILIGHT: NEW MOON

A funny thing happened to me recently...I know some of you will relate.

[click to enlarge]

It all started when I heard Radiohead's 15 Step recently...and recalled the credit roll at the end of movie TWILIGHT. When I first saw the film last fall, I had noted it as one of the cooler, sexier credit rolls in a while. This was back when I was more of a "uh Twilight, what's that?" type person. Somehow it had stayed with me. Music does that to you.*

Meanwhile, about a month ago I lucked upon the entire Meyer 4-book saga, fresh paperback copies, at a stoop sale up my block and nabbed them for a shockingly low $10. They've been sitting on my shelf ever since, staring blackly at me with apples, tulips...

So I watched the film again, out of curiosity mostly...but also figuring to see if I could read one of the books. Maybe I'd give the rest to my little sister or something if I didn't enjoy it.

That was a week ago. And now? See comic strip above, panels 6 and on! I'm midway through BREAKING DAWN and can barely restrain myself from staying up all night on reading jags. And a new young "Twihard" has been made, overnight...

It was inevitable I suppose. I recall losing myself to the thrall of Anne Rice's tortured Louis and ecstatic, devilish Lestat at a very early age. To films THE HUNGER, NEAR DARK, Coppola's DRACULA, DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, the Rice films. And again to Buffy, her Angel and her unique talents in the late 90s, when I realized how good TV could be. Then just a year ago, to Sookie Stackhouse and her violent, brooding, sexy world, made even more lethal through the Alan Ball filter.

All credit to Catherine Hardwicke and her team for reeling me in here -- I never would have made it to pick up TWILIGHT the novel, if they hadn't made such a dreamy, soulful, sexy film with perfectly cast leads. The second time seeing this movie I really appreciated what a great job they did. It worries and saddens me that Hardwicke has moved on, and it looks like men will be helming the rest of the series (though the producers have yet to decide who will direct the fourth film). We'll see if they can keep it real, with the right blend of sensuality, emotional intelligence and horror.

With the TWILIGHT film series in full swing, TRUE BLOOD just weeks away and my season 1 rewatch coming any day now, my mind is marinating... in Vampires. Mind-readers. Wolves, shapeshifters, dogs. Magic, immortality, mythical creatures, soulmates. Abstinent, turn-of-the-century, modest vampires... Over-sexed, murderous vampires. And virgins...lots of godamned virgins. The metaphors and myths are swirling in my head till I'm dizzy with 'em.

OK, TWILIGHT SAGA. I'm totally hooked and there's no stopping me now. Love to all the die-hard fan(girls) of both shows -- thanks to them I get more than my share of in depth info. For TRUE BLOOD that includes every promo on HBO a day after it first airs... casting news (and the accompanying spoiilers I don't listen to)... everything else from celeb playlists on iTunes to interviews and whatnot. For TWILIGHT, since I'm jumping right in mid-stream, it means scripts, photos, lots of catch-up news, that leaked draft of Meyer's possible 5th novel**, and so much more. Thank you fandom!

"Vampires are a timeless powerful archetype that can tap into people's psyches... Sexuality is a window into someone's soul... But TRUE BLOOD is fun. It's popcorn TV — it's like a ride. SIX FEET UNDER was all about repression, and this show seemed to me to be about abandon. It's escapist — totally escapist."
-- Alan Ball

I've found some fansites I wanted to mention here, listed below, for both my beloved stories of intense, smart, unusual human women and the vamps who love them. If any of you have other sites you want to mention that you use to stay connected to these two shows (especially on livejournal) -- leave a comment, would you.


For official transmedia fun-and-games: Blood Copy (now Gawker-ized, which is sort of hilarious)
For news: Loving True Blood In Dallas, True Blood Net, The Vault
For community: The True Blood Blue Whale forum (Should I be checking out forums too? Any of you guys enjoy it there?)



Right now my favorite blog is What The Forks, they have the right attitude about our guilty, guilty pleasure. And the infamous and useful Spoiler TV seems to have more than enough video and links to keep an adult n00b like me happy (if you haven't seen these ET clips, you should! Lots of peeks at scenes filming in VC). I can tell from their coverage of the NEW MOON Italy shoot, and the clip and trailer premieres happening this weekend, that I will also be combing these sites for the latest info: TwiFans, Twilight Examiner, Twilight Poison, Twilight Moms.

Seriously: only fansites would take photos from set less than 24 hours old, and do this with them (spoiler warning for NEW MOON).

One other special mention to the dedicated fan who put this list together regarding all the music in the film -- music that I adored and have on endless replay in my iTouch this week. Delicious.


Thompson on Hollywood has been keeping her professional eye on the films since the buzz started last year, and much like her reaction to MAD MEN's Jon Hamm, she knows a star when she sees one in Rob Pattinson. The Hero Complex has exhaustive geek coverage, complete with pre-requisite "We are so above this madness" anti-fangirl stance. EW and Rotten Tomatoes are covering the more OMGfansquee angle, while trying to remain professional. Giggle.

RT has an excellent TWILIGHT DVD Release Guide that helped me to figure out I *had* to have the 3-disk Target version, FTW.

Thanks to EW's sneak peek at Hardwicke's Director Notebook, I now know that the beloved Meadow scene was shot in the magical little forest next to the Los Feliz golf course in Los Angeles... an area I have hiked many a morning while living in LA. Awwww...

Let's party, bloodsuckers and fangbangers.

"I've read them all. Breaking Dawn? I finished that in two days. I have to tell you, every time I finished one of them, a little piece of me died. I’d become invested in that world. I really felt sad. After the fourth one, I was like, ‘What am I going to do with my life?'"
-- Edi Gathegi, actor (Vampire Laurent)

(*A couple of my other favorite end credit music segueways, off the top of my head: The Pixies in FIGHT CLUB, Prodigy in THE MATRIX. Music is pure emotion.)

(**Anyone know what's up with that possible 5th Meyer novel? Any news since the leak and Meyer's that the final word?)

(comic courtesy TwiFans)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two videos I watch over and over when I need some giggles

MegaShark vs Giant Octopus

Play Colbert off, Keyboard Cat!

You've heard of Whack-A-Mole...

Now via CuteOverload comes...

wait for it...

WEEDS is back June 8

A History of WEED

Yes We Cannabis!

A really cool CD signing event in Burbank

I just got a great press release for this cool event in Burbank, California, for you sci-fi music hounds in the area, check it out in full below.

Key info:

BSG/TSCC/CAPRICA fans - You can meet composer Bear McCreary, have him sign CDs...and get a chance to purchase his CAPRICA soundtrack CD in advance of the actual June 16 street date.

La-La Land Records presents

When: May 31st, 2009, 2pm
4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505

Full press release:

Come join La-La Land Records and Dark Delicacies in a rare opportunity to meet some of the most exciting composing talents in motion pictures and television. Several composers with La-La Land releases (along with talents from additional soundtrack labels), will be greeting fans and signing their CDs.

Bear McCreary, (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES), will sign his TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES soundtrack as well as his upcoming CAPRICA CD (soundtrack to the new GALACTICA spinoff). This is a very special opportunity for fans to get CAPRICA in advance of its official release next month.

Michael Giacchino (THE INCREDIBLES, LOST) will be signing his videogame soundtracks SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY and MERCENARIES, as well his STAR TREK ’09 and LOST: SEASON 4 soundtracks.

Mark Isham (POINT BREAK, CRASH) signs his acclaimed score to the cult action hit POINT BREAK, as well as his music to CROSSING OVER and PRIDE AND GLORY.

Wendy Coleman and Lisa Melvoin aka “Wendy & Lisa” (HEROES, CROSSING JORDAN) will sign their new release of their score to the hit NBC series HEROES.

John Murphy (28 WEEKS LATER, SUNSHINE) will be signing the current release of his score to the terrifying new LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake, as well as the premiere of his spellbinding 28 WEEKS LATER cd. This is a special opportunity to get 28 WEEKS LATER in advance of its official release next month. Murphy will also be signing his score to BASIC INSTINCT 2.

Geoff Zanelli (HITMAN, GHOST TOWN) will sign his score to the sci-fi/horror creature-feature film OUTLANDER, as well as the soundtrack to the feature actioner HITMAN, based on the famous videogame.

John Harrison (CREEPSHOW, DAY OF THE DEAD) will be signing his classic score to the beloved George Romero-directed CREEPSHOW as well as his soundtrack to the cult shocker EFFECTS.

Also appearing and signing soundtracks are composers Christopher Young (DRAG ME TO HELL, HELLRAISER), Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR), Stu Phillips (BUCK RODGERS), Arthur B. Rubinstein (WARGAMES), Ron Jones & Ken Thorne (SUPERMAN BOX SET) and Harry Manfredini (FRIDAY THE 13th, SWAMP THING) Film director/screenwriter Nicholas Meyer signs the soundtrack to his film TIME AFTER TIME.

The composers are likely to sign more than one item, but one of those items needs to be a soundtrack purchased from Dark Delicacies, available at their store/website now and at the store on May 31st.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

STAR TREK TOS on CBS YouTube Channel!

Thanks once again to the neverendingly entertaining, perverse, dedicated folks n' fans over at ohnotheydidnt I have just found out that MOST OF THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL STAR TREK SERIES FULL EPS ARE ON CBS'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Excuse me I need to go watch Amok Time for a giggle. Laters!

Another great new True Blood ad


I am still and will always be, a sucker for talking animals

I saw an advert last night on TV for Pixar's new film UP, for which I haven't felt an ounce of wanna-see.

Until now.

Because any movie with Dug The Talking Dog in it, I need to see. Hee hee.

UP opens on May 29.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TRUE BLOOD season 2 vids

The new promo, yummy:

On the set with HBO's The Buzz, fun:

Just saw another new one, "Invitation To The Set," last night during IN TREATMENT. When it pops up online I'll add it here. ETA: here it is...Party at Maryann's house! Bill lookin' good in a tux!

A very fun promo cut with Season 1 footage, that was airing last month:

June 14. June 14. June 14.

PS - I was just poking around the HBO TRUE BLOOD store and found some hilarious tees: GLAMOUR ME, I'M A FANGBANGER BITE ME, and PEACE LOVE VAMPIRES. Awww.

Brother, Can You Spare 83 Billion Dollars?

Nobody does biting, spot-on satire like the DAILY SHOW/COLBERT REPORT guys (OK, those Onion folks get pretty close, sure).

This latest COLBERT REPORT fake-corporate-promotional-video in defense of a fake-corporate-bailout is so good on so many levels that...well...just watch it.