Friday, April 24, 2009

Three Things Worth Pulling This Blog Off Hiatus For:

Why hello everyone...couldn't help waking up the blog for these three precious items:

1. Amazing NYC weather for the weekend. In the 80's? Fer real? Keeping my eye on the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens cherry blossom status map now.

2. Surely the frakkin best TV show shoutout I've seen in some time.

(Now if we can also get a Tina Fey or Katee Sackhoff cameo on either MAD MEN or TRUE BLOOD this year, all will be right with my pop culture world.)

3. This priceless clip of Wednesday's DAILY SHOW. Just my boys doing what they do best: calling out all sides, while also employing some of the most disturbing photoshopping, and cheesy greenscreens, in the business. Joy.

A surprised Jew says WHAT? ;-)