Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let's make this official.

"The biggest lie is the idea that we are entitled to a meaningful and coherent summarizing, a conclusion, of something which never concludes. In that regard, this is the lie I'm telling myself so I don't set fire to anything." - David Milch

Hi y'all.

So work has been super-duper-busy (that would be my paycheck-earning-work, not blogging)...which is why FanGrrl Magnet has been so darned quiet lately.

I think I need to put this here Magnet on a semi-official hiatus for the next month or so, or at least warn you that it will be pretty minimal in here till probably...February.

Meanwhile Logan and I are trying to keep things barreling along over at the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA blog Galactica Sitrep, and even though it's tough right now for me to blog properly, I can handle 140-character-or-less posting on my Twitter feed. Perhaps you'll come find me there.

Here's to us all having a wondrous, glorious 2009. See you on the other side.