Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm not Charles Fisher.

Let's discuss this week's new TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES (Episode 209, "Complications"), because


VERY LARGE SPOILER ALERT on rest of this post. Look away!!!

Things I loved:

- Those freaky, freaky dreams. Especially the turtle one.

- And what about those turtles! What a clever way to subtly link this show and its bots with BLADE RUNNER and its infamous Voight-Kampff Test. If you don't know what I'm talking about...watch this clip.

How hilarious was it when, after beating the tar out of Ellison, Cameron relents...and then turns him on his stomach. LOL guys!

- Guest stars Richard Schiff and Adam Busch, who did a great job (more on that below).

- This very disturbing and sexy shot ("you need to beat the hell out of him"). Oh Jesse, je t'adore.

- The GINORMOUS idea suggested by Derek...is he now living in a past that is different from his first? Has he already changed his own future just by being in the past this long?

- The chilling, nightmare-inducing Richard Schiff Theater of How To Properly Torture Humans. ::shiver:: "He said he was going to teach them how to talk to people. How to be people." Wow.

Now, some questions I'd like to discuss:

Just so we're clear: Adam Busch was playing the Young Charles Fisher...and Richard Schiff was playing THE SAME GUY but older. Right? o_O This is actually the first time this show has ever truly confused me.

Am I the only one who really, really wanted Derek Reese to slaughter Young Charles Fisher, purely as retribution for dastardly nerd Warren Meers' killing Tara in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? (Some wounds never heal dudes!)

What do you guys think it means that Derek cannot remember his torture at the hands of Charles Fisher? Does this mean that, by Derek's intersecting with young Fisher now, they have eradicated his future as "a grey"? Or...are we linked back, yet again, to the secret basement room...the classical music...Derek's mysterious encounter there that remains unexplained? ETA: CJA over at io9 has a very good suggestion of what this means; and as usual with this show, IT AIN'T GOOD NEWS.

WHY DIDN'T DEREK AND JESSE KILL YOUNG FISHER? This may bother me more than necessary. But it does.

In the first two dreams, Cameron's role seems to be leading Sarah (and, erm, THE TURTLES) to metal. In the first dream Cameron is watering the cute baby cacti...which grow into giant metal cacti of death! In the second dream she's tending a turtle...and hands it to Cromartie! Snap. What do you make of this? Is this related to the image of the three dots? If there are only three dots...is it Sarah, John, Cameron...Sarah, John, Derek? Who's the odd man out?

Quite a mind-bending, nightmarish episode. Dark as midnight. Loved it.


Jenni said...

I thought they suggested in the show that Derek had changed the future. (Except he was assuming that he changed it for the good, but actually he changed it for the bad.) Does that work? This time-travel thing makes my head spin.

I don't know why they didn't kill the young CF. (Warren! I shouted in my head. Kill Warren!) But isn't Jesse bad? I thought in an earlier episode she had some pictures she was hiding from Derek. Did I miss something? So when she shot old CF just as Derek was aiming at young CF, I thought it was for nefarious reasons.

Loved Cameron flipping Ellison over. Priceless.

I'm completely mystified by the 3 dots.

ProgGrrl said...

"he was assuming that he changed it for the good, but actually he changed it for the bad"

Yeah, I think that's the point here. I'm still a bit obsessed with what happened to Derek in that basement back in S1, so I like to make those associations whenever possible. :)

"isn't Jesse bad? I thought in an earlier episode she had some pictures she was hiding from Derek."

Yup, something is DEFINITELY up with Jesse and she has a secret. Who sent her back? What's her REAL mission?

Now that you mention it -- was this whole thing just a set-up for the (now possibly GRAY) Jesse to help give Old Fisher the needed alibi to bust into Young Fisher's place of work and do the damage he did at the end of the ep?