Monday, November 3, 2008

Dyna Moe keeps bringing the fun...

As part of trying to cope with what I understand could end up an 8 to 12 month hiatus (or longer?!?) till the next season of MAD MEN, I poked around Dyna Moe's drawings last night.

Have you checked out her latest set? Amazing stuff as usual, including several great ones related to her hanging out backstage at Jon Hamm's SNL appearance. Score!

Moe has some thoughtful and hilarious comments about Paul Kinsey's wardrobe here. Speaking of bookmark-able comments about season 2 that will be fun to read again during this hiatus, Tim Goodman has some ruminations here that sum up many of own thoughts about this season. Except the spinoff...this show doesn't need a spinoff.

Please stay calm about the rumors of Matt Weiner being replaced as showrunner -- as anyone who watches ENTOURAGE knows, this is most likely a bunch of macho posturing between dealmakers, designed to cause fear, chaos...and the best deal possible for each side. Check out what Basket of Kisses got out of Weiner himself just a week ago here. Feel better?

Season Two, Episode 13:
I may be reading too much into it, but this last shot of Pete
seemed very similar to candid shots of JFK
during the Crisis alone in the Oval Office. - Dyna Moe

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cgeye said...

To quote the Obama sign from the Internets, in re: Weiner:

Chill the Fuck Out, I *Got* This.