Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's an insane amount of gigantic Matt Weiner interviews out there at the moment...

With the Basket of Kisses blog

With Variety's Season Pass blog

With The Watcher

With Alan Sepinwall

Also, BoK had the Little Jewish GOD at their MAD MEN season finale party the other night here in NYC, lucky beotches!...Those Crazy Lipp Girls are still transcribing their interview with him, and I will update this post once it's up. ETA: they've posted a few teaser excerpts. ETA2: I've added the full interview link up top.

I am still processing the final season two episode (MAD MEN 213, "Meditations In An Emergency"). First impression: I was stunned by my sudden sympathy for Pete Campbell during this hour, after spending half of season one and all of this season despising him non-stop! His warning to Don was so unexpected -- and that final scene with Pete and Peggy was surprisingly satisfying. And Peggy, OH DARLING LITTLE PEGGY! Just such a delicious character, always perfectly played by Elizabeth Moss. Her scenes with Vincent Kartheiser are consistently marvelous.

Speaking of interviews, it is my duty to pimp an interview Logan and I did for Galactica Sitrep, talking to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA writer/producer Michael Taylor. If you are a fan of Starbuck, Tigh, Adama, Starbuck/Apollo, or Tigh/Adama, you will be very happy after reading it.

One more tangent for any of you who were watching MAD MEN on AMC on Sunday -- did you catch that promo that mentioned season 2 of BREAKING BAD was coming soon? Did they say January 2009? I need to go back and check. Also there were quick glimpses in the same promo of the first footage I've ever seen of AMC remake of THE PRISONER. It looks - well - parched. Very parched. But I'm curious!

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Greg said...

The last episode was a really interesting one....I was wondering how they'd handle the Cuban Missile Crisis and I think they did a great job. It's hard for us who weren't around at the time to appreciate just how close we came to WW3, or worse, and how that'd make anyone a bit wacky.

I agree re: Pete, after finding him an annoyance, the way he did Don a solid, and him dealing with his familiy issues seemed to humanize him a bit, and that scene with Peggy was really something.

I'm gonna have to watch it again though. I just find that Mad Men is like TV crack...once you're hooked and they say "no more" it sucks.

It'll be interesting to see 1964: LBJ's re-election, and the beginnings of the British Invasion, and more!