Thursday, October 30, 2008

NPR twitters #votereport

I follow an excellent Twitter feed, NPR's nprpolitics.

Today they mentioned that you can tweet (or text message) to NPR any voting irregularities or problems in your neighborhood...Here's a few of their tweets on this:

If you experience probs when voting, send a tweet with your zip, the tag #votereport & a description so we can investigate trends. @acarvin

You can also sent a txt message to 66937. Begin it w/ #votereport, then include your zip and a description of the problem....We'll also have a call-in phone line, an iPhone app and a Google Android app for submitting to #votereport. More info soon. / @acarvin

The Vote Report iPhone app is live! You can use it to report voting problems at your polling station.

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