Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don Draper goes West

In this week's MAD MEN 210, "The Jet Set", Don Draper finally inserted himself into a Palm Springs scene with characters straight out of his beloved movie LA NOTTE...or Fellini's LA DOLCE VITA.


[screencap by designpublic]


dianora2 said...

You know what's really funny? Seeing this made me remember that I had a dream last night that Don ran into that chick again and she was working in a Wal-Mart type store or something, and she wasn't rich or glamorous at all, just a poser. Ha! My subconscious is creating new storylines for Mad Men.

ProgGrrl said...

Hah, yes...it struck me too, while watching, that she's really young and certainly not accomplished or experienced enough for Don to take very seriously. If her family didn't have the right money and connections she'd be working as one of Don's secretaries, or worse. But OTOH, she knew how to get Don into that car to Palm Springs. Not bad.

Greg said...

This episode was very surreal in a lot of ways, particularly the palm springs part. It was as if Don, dealing with all his stuff, just sort of saw a way to walk off and become something else, a cipher of a man who could just hang out, do nothing, and not have to worry about anything.

That last shot where Don's doing the mad men logo pose, in swimming trunks , right after he's called someone (i'm guessing an army friend of some sort but who knows) as "dick whitman"...wow...and that last scene with the suitcase being dropped off at the Draper residence was just weird.

Seeing Duck go from bewildered guy to badass mofo after a cocktail or two was really startling too.

ProgGrrl said...

Yes indeed, Don is on the run. He's the frakkin' boss and if he wants to run off to LA and disappear for a bit, he knows his ass will be covered.

For a little while, at least.

Duck's aggressiveness is a surprise...but Roger backed him in a corner. It sure is a creative response to his problems... Matt Weiner's suggestion (in the video embed here) that he can only do this sort of thing when drunk? SCARY.