Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"OK. Let's make some LSD."

I saw FRINGE episode 101 back when it leaked in June, and watched again last night. Really fun, and stylishly shot and edited. Great casting. Nice conspiracy-building. Lots of creepy details that are fun for Twilight Zone/X Files fans. And from a very tech-geek standpoint, much better sound mix (did you notice the great sound effects whenever the camera pans through the floating location graphic?)...The only major difference I noticed between this final cut and the leaked one, was the end shot - which neatly segued into a commercial for MASSIVE DYNAMICS, of course.

That JJ Abrams considers THE TWILIGHT ZONE, ALTERED STATES, and the films of David Cronenberg to be this show's main inspirations is a very good sign.

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Bitterlatinist said...

They totally turned the FBI woman into the BSG Hybrid, glowy goo and all.