Friday, September 5, 2008

OK Alan Sepinwall, you win. I'll watch ENTOURAGE.

I'll admit it: after many seasons of ludicrous-to-nasty masculine glory, last season of ENTOURAGE bored me away by the final third.

I had crossed it off my list for this fall. No turning back...until I read this review.
...the first four episodes of the new season are more interesting -- and, on occasion, funnier -- than everything the show did last year combined. If nothing else, it finally gives Emmy winner Jeremy Piven -- who was stranded for most of last season in lame marital storylines -- something juicy to play as Vince's agent Ari, who reaches new levels of rage as he tries to bring his biggest client back from the dead. (Almost as good as watching Ari scramble: watching Ari engage a rival agent in a nasty prank war.)

So, alrighty Alan...I'll give it another chance. I do love me some Rage d'Ari. (HT TV Tattle)

Also -- trying to manage my expectations but -- TRUE BLOOD already ok'd by HBO to begin working on second season before a single episode gets on air? *hee*

One more thing I'm psyched about this week is the return of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. I just noticed (via the show's great season 2 production blog, written by either the writers or the writers' ghost writers, LOL) that the show's official site is very new and shiny. There's a terrific set of (un-embeddable, huh?) videos for season 2...including the one called "Comic-Con Trailer" and the one from a S2 photo shoot. Best SFF cast on teevee, y'all....and only days away now... *excited*

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