Thursday, September 4, 2008

Neal Stephenson's ANATHEM

Early fall when you're a TV nut is not the best time of the year to decide you need to commit to Neal Stephenson's latest ginormous book...but I need to read this one, ANATHEM.

Here's a bit on the 'verse of this book, from Stephenson himself. (More over at underwire)

ETA: a little bird just sent me the 'book trailer' for ANATHEM. Also, here's a recent piece on Stephenson from Wired, with tons more detail on the novel.

The World of Anathem


grrl_unscripted said...

Word pr0n FTW. and "aliterate" oooh damn, this is going to be good XD

ProgGrrl said...

Yeah, it looks like something that's gonna suck up my brainpan for at least 2 weeks...