Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just watched the first of four episodes of this mini series on ITV in the UK, LOST IN AUSTEN. A light, sweet, puff-pastry of a show...a silly fantasy earnestly in love with the world of Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Unabashedly so, like so many of Austen's ardent fans in the modern world. After you swallow the central conceit -- that a modern woman gets thrown into this imaginary place -- LOST adds a delicious new layer to a proto-feminist genre that feels important and timeless, while also stuck in a deep rut. The cast is not as star-filled as we Americans have become used to seeing -- but the lead Jemima Rooper (above photo, center) is spunky and wonderful, and I was happily surprised to see Alex Kingston (ER) playing matriarch Mrs. Bennett.

As far as I can see, there is no deal in place yet to air this show in the USA, but there's no doubt that American Austen fans will heartily enjoy it when it makes it way over the pond. Hope you can get your hands on it, one way or another.

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