Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello Fall 2008 TV (and Festival Flixmania)

(Warning for mild spoilers on several shows)

Well my fall season kicked off with a bang this weekend. Not only is TRUE BLOOD finally up and running, but the 2nd ep leaked onto the web early...AND IT IS FANTASTIC. If you are on the fence about this show, definitely check out 102 before you make any rash decisions. This is a tricky balance...the vamp 'verse they are delineating for TRUE BLOOD takes some time to unravel. Believe me, it's worth sticking around a bit. There's such a striking, and admirable, attention to detail on this show. And anyone who has questions about the chemistry between the two leads (Sookie and Bill) should tell me again how they feel after seeing ep #2.

A nice TRUE BLOOD trailer

The coming attractions for TRUE BLOOD 103 indicate Right at the end of 102, a character who figures heavily in the backstory being unwound at BloodCopy.com pops up on the show, and you will not be too surprised about how, but it's nicely done. BTW have you been watching the BloodCopy videos? They have whole other threads of plot running on the site...Here are a few of my favorite recent posts: Bill Compton interview; vampire attack in California; the Vampire Rights Amendment cartoon (!). Great stuff, and it seems like it is continuing during the broadcast of the show itself, as adjunct plot material.

My favorite Fox Fetish Objects du jour

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES is back, yes! I'm a happy bot-loving camper. Looks like Josh "I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing" Friedman will be feeding us podcasts the day after as well; here's the first one...and here's a quick note Freidman left on the blog about the show. I was wondering if Shirley Manson sung that opening number, and sure enough she did (arranged by Bear McCreary). The reveal at the end of the show's first T-1000 was pretty amazing. It also explains that character seeming a bit, well, STIFF in all their prior scenes, heh heh. I miss the old opening credits, and I miss Sarah's voiceover commentaries...are they gone for good in favor of this less serialized, mas-macho second season which will let John Connor man up? We shall see. Anyhow, a great start to the season.

More contraband I came upon this weekend was the first ep of LOST IN AUSTEN (joy!), and the first two eps of CALIFORNICATION's second season. I'll let you know how those turn out. I did take a quick peek at a few moments of CALIFORNICATION already -- and it looks like Callum Keith Rennie is there right from the get-go. Yay!

Tonight is FRINGE...I saw the leaked pilot and really enjoyed it, but plan on rewatching the final tonight. There's always a reason to see the final final. io9 posted a great collection of links to FRINGE official viral marketing that's worth a look. Meanwhile, TV Week posted today that Fox is re-running FRINGE eps on Sundays, with a 4-minute preview of the next episode. Shiny.

My DVR did not tape Alton Brown's new Food Network show FEASTING ON WAVES, so I'll be catching that laters.

In other fall TV news...
-- STOP THE PRESSES, NBCU TV shows are back on iTunes! Go get your free episode of BATTLESTAR today (they're giving away ep 403)...here's the SD link; there's a separate page for the HD episodes.

-- The TV Addict made a great downloadable calendar PDF for the season.

-- Hulu has a special Fall TV section up. NBC is showing some fall shows on Hulu BEFORE they air on TV. Kewl. ETA: shows going online early will now also be on iTunes.

-- For those of you who still need a LOST fix: rewatch time on G4 and Sci Fi Channel.

So tell me: how is everyone else's first week of fall TV going?

And, for the cinephiles out there, this is a big month with Telluride, Venice and Toronto premieres unspooling right and left. Tons to keep an eye on...has anyone seen Darren Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER? Jonathan Demme's RACHEL GETTING MARRIED? Richard Linklater's ME AND ORSON WELLES? Or the Telluride hit SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE? I'm looking forward to those.


Greg said...

I plan on watching Fringe even though I saw the not-leaked-by-fox-leaked-by-fox pilot since I'm sure there are changes.

I have to say I've not been to wild about True Blood but I'm going to give it a fair shot before I bitch anymore. I read some of the free comics at comic con which were somewhat entertaining but still...

Terminator started off great. Loved it. Fast, fun and exciting. It does not hurt that you have two gorgeous women in leather jackets, jeans and boots but I digress. They really made something happen there.

Californication is awesome. Callum is gonna be a major player in Hank's life, and that may not be good for Hank, but it will make for some great drama.

mikeo75 said...

Premiere of Fringe was great of course, as was Sarah Connor. Loved them both!