Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caught on tape

Ouch. Sounds like another bad ad campaign to me. See this is why I'm trying to ignore most political coverage. It pains my heart.

[Hat tip to Patrick D.]

ETA: Peggy Noonan responds...and other than clarifying her use of "It's OVER" she doesn't take back a thing...

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Logan Gawain said...

It's fun to see what Republicans say when they think the mics are off. ;) It's odd that they only feel able to tell the truth when no one is looking.

As for Noonan's clarification... I think the way she firmly says "It's over!" in that context can only have one meaning, no matter what she says.

She's a particularly intelligent writer, and it's a shame to see she feels some need to carry water for people that clearly don't deserve it.