Sunday, August 3, 2008

TRUE BLOOD new (defaced) street art...and the viral storytelling begins to overlap with the show this month...

As we draw closer to the Sept. 7th start date of HBO's vampire show TRUE BLOOD, I've been following the online/viral/street advertising more and more closely.

What I love about how this is rolling out, is that it's working as a secondary layer of story -- backstory -- so cleanly. It's obviously well-thought and carefully timed. Up to now everything I've been seeing has been added bonus to what I saw in the leaked pilot episode. That changed this week, when characters who are actually on the TV show have started to appear in the viral materials.

Here's Sam Merlotte, speaking directly to one of the BloodCopy bloggers:

Here are other interviews with TRUE BLOOD characters Sherrif Dearborne, and Lafayette Reynolds (who is btw one of my FAVORITE characters so far!).

Here are a few posts where the same bloggers are interacting with a vampire named Eric, who runs the vamp & "fangbanger" bar Fangtasia. Anyone who's read the Harris novels knows that Eric will most certainly be appearing soon on the TV show, even though he's not in the pilot episode.

Oh and PS - a fellow BloodCopy reader toasterrobot asked me to upload the defaced pro-Vampire ads I saw this week in New York City, on Thompson Street at Spring Street. I've put them up here: long view / medium view / closest view. As you can see, the ads are being defaced by vampire-haters...and BloodCopy reports this is happening in multiple US cities. You would think urban humans would be more...sophisticated. ;-)

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