Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MAD MEN update

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the already-aired eps, and one tiny thing for next week gleaned off a promo ad the other night.

First, let's peek at next Sunday:

It's no secret I adore MAD MEN, and have no time for backlashers and haters. (Maybe you fellow MM fans who are LJ'ers want to follow that second link and speak your minds, heheh.) These first two eps, while being more about "laying track" than massive story, have shown all the depth and attention to character and period detail that got me hooked in the first place. Really when you think about it, this show has a lot in common with THE SOPRANOS -- imagine the Soprano family saga with all the violent scenes removed, and you can probably see what I'm getting at.

A few tidbits I really enjoyed: well first of all, let's celebrate Peggy and her rise to fame. I loved the 201 scene where she was coming up with the "daddy" copy on the fly in Don's office; I find her relationship with Draper is getting more fascinating by the moment. He has put her on this great pedestal, constantly spouting all this wonderful advice about her work...you have got to wonder, when will she fall? And the baby! I cannot believe she's in cahoots with her entire family to keep that baby. Pete Campbell continues to fascinate, especially in 202. Weiner's promise earlier this summer that we will now get to "go home" with each and every other character on the show has come true big time, just in these two eps we've been home with half the cast. Also getting little thrills from Joan & Paul's post-party face-off in the midst of 202; every interaction this pair has is loaded...and delicious to watch.

The one other aspect I continue to enjoy relates to advertising itself; since I work in advertising, let me assure you there are buried gems of the reality of the business - things that remain true to this day - embedded in every episode. I suppose much of it flies by without notice for most viewers. Very WEST WING. So far this season, the best of it revolved around the hiring of new young talent for Sterling Cooper. Ah, the flush and allure of youth...

Also of note:

Rich "Harry" Sommer is going to have a guest role on THE OFFICE's season premiere (Sept. 25).

A fan over at this LJ comm noticed a great detail from the 203 promo spot...it's something I've been hoping will come up. Ever since I realized Sal was married -- which had to be pointed out to me by friends...embarassing!

The AMC MAD MEN blog is full of divine extras: interviews with Vincent "Pete" Kartheiser and the show's mental health consultant; a scrapbook to collect special items that pop up during the season; previous promos that feature cast/crew discussing the season. Well blogged, AMC!

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Misa said...

OK, when Joan read Mr. "trying to be different" Paul Kinsey - I thought my eyebrows were going to burn off from the venom - holy crap!