Sunday, August 31, 2008

No folks, Sarah Palin is most certainly NOT Laura Roslin or Liz Lemon.

Go in 2:25 on this video for the key moment...and think hard on it.

ETA: Even better: go to 1:50 of this one here, heheh:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why I started reading Web Logs in the first place...

In 2004, I had just heard of this new thing called the web log...soon to be known as a blog. In those days, journalists and writers were still referring to it as "blog" -- an unknown slang word that was always written in quotes.

That summer, I heard someplace that the Democratic National Convention had decided to give press passes to a small number of "bloggers," and I went for a peek at their "blogs." Loving what I found there, it was easy to become an avid reader of Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, Talking Points Memo, The Drudge Report, etc.

From those blogs I wandered to treehugger blogs...gossip & TV blogs...and so on and so forth.

Now here we are at the convention again 4 years later... this year is a Web site that shows the first live high-definition streaming of gavel-to-gavel convention proceedings, using the same new Microsoft platform that made its debut at the Olympics. The site offers a complete Spanish-language simulcast, for the first time.

The site features its first daily convention Web cast, which previews that night’s program and serves up convention tidbits — snippets of Michelle Obama’s video in advance, for example — and includes “by the numbers” tallies, like the gallons of coffee made and miles of cable laid.

Speaking of numbers, the log of credentialed bloggers this year has more than tripled, to 120 from 35 in 2004, the first year they were allowed in.

And bloggers now have a rotating position on the podium, just as print and television reporters have. The convention has also created a state blogger corps, giving credentials to one blogger from each state, a system that has irked many who felt it unnecessarily limited their number.

But Google, DailyKos and others are sponsoring a “Big Tent” within a short walk of the Pepsi grounds where hundreds of bloggers are sitting shoulder to shoulder at long tables and pounding on their keyboards and taking video of each other most of the day and night. It cost them $100 for a space for the week. It’s air-conditioned and does not involve security lines: the only line is for media types who are not blogging but coming in for a look. They have to sign in at a table marked “Traditional Media,” not the most welcome group in bloggerland.

...The convention also has its own blogging team. The 2004 convention had a blogger too; the difference this year is that there is a team and it also posts lots of videos (remember — YouTube did not exist four years ago).

Things have changed alrighty.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Slow Late Summer...

Hi everyone, just wanted to pop on here to say...things are a little slow right now! Lazy days of late summer, indeed. Work (aka "my paying job") has been awfully busy lately, and life has pulled me away from the computer for the last few weeks. I'll be back to a more normal posting pattern as soon as things calm down...and early fall breeze reaches in through my window...

Meanwhile, to all you girls on the LJ: you never comment anymore! *sob*, I'm pondering a way to cross-post to an LJ account as well. Cuz I miss you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm not quite sure how I will be watching this new TV show LOST IN AUSTEN, since it is apparently only going to be on ITV in the UK...but I am MOST DEFINITELY going to be finding a way. How clever.

[via io9]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fantastic HEROES fanvid playlist

Beginning with a vid on my favorite bad guy, Sylar...

Rest of HEROES vid playlist here. The second one is a great genvid set to a favorite band of mine, The Frames.

[Hat Tip The Global Couch..."Fan vids are cool. Much better than the show. Wink. I love these things. You should too." That's a writer of the show talking, folks.]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New 2-minute HEROES season 3 promo

[hat tip to heroes france via heroes_tv]

The competition is heating up over there.

Over at AMC's "You could be on MAD MEN" contest blog...where by the way you can vote for your favorite submissions...the competition is HEATING UP. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Ariana Dubynin as Pete Campbell

Donnel Jones as Peggy Olson

[The cross-dressing theme continues...BIG TIME! LOL]

What it means to be "a fiscal conservative" in America

Via Obama_2008. (Click to see larger)

Sushi Cake

Via BuzzFeed: A photo of a wedding cake made with avocado, edamame, wasabi, raw salmon, tuna and roe. Topped with wasabi icing and drizzled in soy sauce. Wow.

This is not CGI.

This is metal, light, liquid, magnetism, and surface tension at work.

...for best viewing, go to the youtube page, select High Quality, and go Full Screen. [SculptureSite via io9]

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last night I caught the latest HBO promo for TRUE BLOOD: a 10-minute piece called ALAN BALL: POV, with Ball discussing his TV and film work up to and including TRUE BLOOD, a ton of new TB footage, and interviews with TB's music supervisor and editor.

As someone who put TRUE BLOOD on my radar the moment HBO announced it as Ball's post-SIX FEET UNDER project, I of course ate this video right up. I've posted a 100 MB quicktime file for download if you're interested. I missed the first 15 seconds at the front -- but caught another promo, at the back end, for the next TB special: MAKING TRUE BLOOD. That begins airing on August 19.


Let me add here a piece of a fun MediaWeek review:

For the better part of a decade, HBO set the high-water mark for TV drama, drawing discerning viewers into its Sunday night carnival with a brace of excellent shows that were smart and funny and sophisticated, and one towering mob opera that more or less served as the Platonic Ideal for what television is supposed to offer but almost never does. (I will brook no argument here: The Sopranos was and is the greatest show in the history of the medium.) When presented with this seemingly endless succession of nonpareil storytelling, we automatically assume that the well will never run dry, even while a tiny voice tells us that great TV is an aberration, the exception rather than the norm.

Then, like the black screen that brought The Sopranos to its not-so ambiguous end, HBO’s remarkable hot streak ended. David Milch’s rushed John From Cincinnati was like some kind of salt-stained Beckett play, a stoned bouillabaisse of surfing, Gnosticism and Luke Perry that never went anywhere. (Although I do recall something about Al Bundy and a magical parakeet.)

And so what? The reason HBO served as an academy of excellent TV is that the people at the top subscribed to the auteur theory. They celebrated writers, they encouraged visionaries and they took risks. And when a network takes risks, the odds eventually catch up with it. But risk is what allows for greatness.

Which brings me to HBO’s latest salvo, the moody vampire drama True Blood, set to premiere Sept. 7. Starring Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress who gets all gaga over a dreamy bloodsucker, the show marks Alan Ball’s return to series television. That alone makes True Blood worth your consideration; after all, Ball was the presiding genius who brought Six Feet Under to life.

While I’ll never quite grasp why certain women find the vampire myth a source of eroticism––it’s a dead guy who sustains himself by lapping the blood from your torn carotid artery…What’s foxy about that?––True Blood is undeniably sexy. And bloody and profane and often very funny. While the locals are understandably averse to rubbing elbows with the new breed of undead (they sustain themselves on synthetic blood), Ball has said that the vamps aren’t meant to serve as a metaphor for any greater societal ill. Nor is vampirism a stand-in for sex. There’s plenty of the frenzied human variety on offer, because after all, it’s not TV, it’s HBO.

For all the rutting and violent exsanguination, at the heart of True Blood is an oddly sweet love story. For a 175-year-old ambulatory corpse, Vampire Bill is an awfully courtly gent. When he appears in Sookie’s yard the night after their first encounter, he’s no more threatening than any other swain who waits out in the starry dark for his crush to appear at the window. I half expected him to be holding a boom box over his head, blaring “In Your Eyes.”

MAD MEN: last night and next Sunday

Well isn't this nice -- it looks like AMC will be posting (snaggable) videos each Monday following the new MAD MEN episodes. One is Weiner & company talking about the newly broadcast ep, and one is clips for next week. Nicely done, AMC.

Happily, my favorite parts of last night's show (203 "The Benefactor") are all well-represented in this video, and they speak for themselves:

I don't find these short clips particularly spoilery...but to each her own. The Roger one is a delight! (for 204 "Three Sundays")

OK, I'll bite...some of you are indeed watching The Olympics.

I am not watching...but this post is for you:

Russia's champion Synchronized Office Swim Team:

[hat tip to NewTeeVee]

The US plans to introduce an exciting new sport:

[hat tip to Office US]

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Don't forget...Fox's TSCC season one marathon begins with the pilot airing tonight.

Have you seen the new promos? Awesome.

[btw...who's that new little kid there?]

Friday, August 8, 2008

Energy policy, follow up.

Or, maybe this post is really about...ARUGULA?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I just love all these people. Please try these shows, if you haven't already. Hilarious!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guest DJs and Facebook

I was just reading this post over at Anne Thompson's blog, which reminded me that I have been meaning to figure out if there's a way to re-post all my Sitrep and Magnet posts to my Facebook Page. Mainly because there are a lot of Facebook'ers who use their Friends Feed like an RSS reader of sorts.

Anybody out there know how to do that? Leave a comment or email me at ProgGrrl at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile another cool tidbit, again from the increasingly awesome little Fox blog: KCRW's guest DJ page, with sets selected by Peter Berg (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS/VIRTUALITY), Janeane Garofalo, HEROES artist Tim Sale, Conan O'Brien, playwriter/filmmaker Neil LaBute, and many others. Fun! Downloadable!

The latest TRUE BLOOD stuff

A new longer trailer shown this week on HBO, with lots of new footage of Sookie and Bill's first date at Fangtasia:

Also some great articles: Alan Ball talking with the NY Times about the show and the advance marketing/transmedia, BLAIR WITCH PROJECT creatives at Campfire Agency discussing how they made the transmedia (lots of fun video clips too), and LA Times' Hero Complex saw the first two eps this week and loved them.

On tire gauges, energy policy...and Paris Hilton?!

A reponse I expected...(Stephen Colbert)

A reponse that is both unexpected and surprisingly great...(Paris Hilton)

And most importantly: the correct reponse...(Barack Obama)

[Hat tip to drewcypher and stilldocked_too]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aha! Finally...

The Future on Fox blog finally mentions the VIRTUALITY shoot:

Our hard-working cast and crews are busy today. Here’s just a mere sampling of what is going on Tuesday, August 5th in the FOX world...

  • The Virtuality first episode is humming along. Right now, they’re in an “airlock” set.

Well it wouldn't be a Ron Moore show without an airlock, now would it?

MAD MEN update

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the already-aired eps, and one tiny thing for next week gleaned off a promo ad the other night.

First, let's peek at next Sunday:

It's no secret I adore MAD MEN, and have no time for backlashers and haters. (Maybe you fellow MM fans who are LJ'ers want to follow that second link and speak your minds, heheh.) These first two eps, while being more about "laying track" than massive story, have shown all the depth and attention to character and period detail that got me hooked in the first place. Really when you think about it, this show has a lot in common with THE SOPRANOS -- imagine the Soprano family saga with all the violent scenes removed, and you can probably see what I'm getting at.

A few tidbits I really enjoyed: well first of all, let's celebrate Peggy and her rise to fame. I loved the 201 scene where she was coming up with the "daddy" copy on the fly in Don's office; I find her relationship with Draper is getting more fascinating by the moment. He has put her on this great pedestal, constantly spouting all this wonderful advice about her have got to wonder, when will she fall? And the baby! I cannot believe she's in cahoots with her entire family to keep that baby. Pete Campbell continues to fascinate, especially in 202. Weiner's promise earlier this summer that we will now get to "go home" with each and every other character on the show has come true big time, just in these two eps we've been home with half the cast. Also getting little thrills from Joan & Paul's post-party face-off in the midst of 202; every interaction this pair has is loaded...and delicious to watch.

The one other aspect I continue to enjoy relates to advertising itself; since I work in advertising, let me assure you there are buried gems of the reality of the business - things that remain true to this day - embedded in every episode. I suppose much of it flies by without notice for most viewers. Very WEST WING. So far this season, the best of it revolved around the hiring of new young talent for Sterling Cooper. Ah, the flush and allure of youth...

Also of note:

Rich "Harry" Sommer is going to have a guest role on THE OFFICE's season premiere (Sept. 25).

A fan over at this LJ comm noticed a great detail from the 203 promo's something I've been hoping will come up. Ever since I realized Sal was married -- which had to be pointed out to me by friends...embarassing!

The AMC MAD MEN blog is full of divine extras: interviews with Vincent "Pete" Kartheiser and the show's mental health consultant; a scrapbook to collect special items that pop up during the season; previous promos that feature cast/crew discussing the season. Well blogged, AMC!

CALIFORNICATION fans: start yer engines!

One other thing on Showtime last night: a new promo for season 2 of CALIFORNICATION (starting Sept 28! Whee!)'s really detailed, really fun and, for extra squee-ific points, finally shows exactly what we're going to see Callum Keith Rennie doing. Love him!

I liked this promo so much, I decided to put it on youtube for y'all. Enjoy...Warning: NSFW

SECRET DIARY ends...for now

Well, sadly we just got our last ep of SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL. What a fun show - I'm now a massive Billy Piper fan.

Showtime was a bit vague about this show's future a few weeks ago at the TCAs - but happily, at the end of last night's broadcast there was a voiceover saying we should stay primed for another new season. Good news!

Monday, August 4, 2008

HEROES cast...or rock stars?

I dunno which thing I love more about this video of the HEROES cast/crew taking the stage at Comic-Con in front of their legion of fans: is it that half the cast is videotaping it? Or the incredibly rock-star-loud squeals of the fans*? Or how Tim Kring went that extra mile to bring the Season 3 DVD locked in a steel case handcuffed to his wrist?

(*Fans who apparently camped out overnight to get into Hall H on Saturday morning...even some of Watch With Kristen's staff camped out for godssakes! Serious bidness.)

[Video by HEROES/LOST/ALIAS writer Jesse Alexander. He also has this awesome blog over here.]

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Comic-Con vids

I nabbed a few more things off the interwebs that have popped up: the entire WATCHMEN panel (in one piece! howdtheydothat??)...and, um, the first 15 minutes of the HEROES premiere episode. That second one is a terrible, terrible quality, but if you're interested...they're both in this folder. Enjoy.

"...there's a part of me that was clearly born for this, and there's a part of me that will never be right for it..." - Joss Whedon vids

I'm still poking around for all the Comic-Con fallout...panel videos, recaps, details, interviews. There is obviously a ton. I'm prepping to post some more stuff this week, trying to collect my thoughts. Meanwhile let me share a few more bits found on Brightcove TV this morning: THR has a three part interview (total of about 6 1/2 minutes) with Joss Whedon, shot during the TCAs just after JW announced he is doing a "new pilot" (or new first ep) for DOLLHOUSE.

Part one: about the DOLLHOUSE "new pilot"...

Part two: about working in TV and "being genuinely surprised by human behavior"...

Part three: DOLLHOUSE webisode plans.

TRUE BLOOD new (defaced) street art...and the viral storytelling begins to overlap with the show this month...

As we draw closer to the Sept. 7th start date of HBO's vampire show TRUE BLOOD, I've been following the online/viral/street advertising more and more closely.

What I love about how this is rolling out, is that it's working as a secondary layer of story -- backstory -- so cleanly. It's obviously well-thought and carefully timed. Up to now everything I've been seeing has been added bonus to what I saw in the leaked pilot episode. That changed this week, when characters who are actually on the TV show have started to appear in the viral materials.

Here's Sam Merlotte, speaking directly to one of the BloodCopy bloggers:

Here are other interviews with TRUE BLOOD characters Sherrif Dearborne, and Lafayette Reynolds (who is btw one of my FAVORITE characters so far!).

Here are a few posts where the same bloggers are interacting with a vampire named Eric, who runs the vamp & "fangbanger" bar Fangtasia. Anyone who's read the Harris novels knows that Eric will most certainly be appearing soon on the TV show, even though he's not in the pilot episode.

Oh and PS - a fellow BloodCopy reader toasterrobot asked me to upload the defaced pro-Vampire ads I saw this week in New York City, on Thompson Street at Spring Street. I've put them up here: long view / medium view / closest view. As you can see, the ads are being defaced by vampire-haters...and BloodCopy reports this is happening in multiple US cities. You would think urban humans would be more...sophisticated. ;-)

At last...Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's Comic-Con material is here...

And suffice to say it does not disappoint.

This is so NSFW it's glorious. Srsly.

[HT to Sitrep reader radii for the heads-up]

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MAD MEN - little peek at S2x02

[hat tip to merlinmaus]

Also, per BoK...Hulu now has the entire first ep of S2 up online. We'll see how much more they're allowed to post this season.

Can you tell me how to get to SESAME STREET?

New season guest star highlight reel for SESAME STREET (begins Aug 11th):

...and Neil Patrick Harris' NEW SHOES number from the new season (season NUMBER 39, how cool is that???)

I know it's a bit much, doing this and MR. ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD in the same week but...they're the best shows, right? :D

Friday, August 1, 2008

There is some seriously freaky stuff in this PUSHING DAISIES season 2 promo.

And I like it.

[Hat tip to Seat42F.]

Alan Ball explains all the TRUE BLOOD viral (and makes some jokes)

This is a good piece of their Comic-Con panel, and the best description of all the TRUE BLOOD viral marketing that's been going on for the past month:

[Hat Tip to True-Blood.TV who have this and a bunch of Comic-Con panel recaps over here.]

OMG! Save Mister Rogers Neighborhood!!!