Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yanked off the Feeds: TRUE BLOOD vids & DR. HORRIBLE panel MP3

Ducky Does TV has an MP3 of the entire DOCTOR HORRIBLE panel for DL. There are some more links to vids and photos here on the W.

True-Blood.TV has a few great videos from the TRUE BLOOD folks at SDCC:

That Anna Paquin is pretty adorable and hilarious eh? She and Alan Ball make quite the team.

Meanwhile, here's a great write-up of TRUE BLOOD by TV Guide's Matt Roush...
Ball, whose previous HBO hit Six Feet Under had its own decidedly morbid streak, told critics during a TCA panel on Thursday: “After five years of peering into the abyss and contemplating life in the presence of mortality, I felt like let’s do something else.” True Blood is something else, all right. It’s an unapologetically brazen hoot, all about a waitress named Sookie (Anna Paquin) who works in a Louisiana dive bar where she reads minds—more a curse than a gift—and who falls hard for the soulful and drop-dead-gorgeous vampire named Bill (Stephen Moyer) who walks into the bar one night. His mind is closed to her, which she finds delightfully and mysteriously appealing. And he’s drawn to her for reasons he can’t explain. (“What are you?” he continually wonders.)

The mythology is provocative: A synthetic blood product has allowed vamps to emerge into the open, no longer requiring humans for fuel. But the stigma follows them everywhere, and as debates rage on cable news about a pending Vampire Rights Amendment—decried, naturally, by the religious right—it’s hard not to see in the vampires’ otherness a metaphor for the current gay-rights struggle.

One of the more refreshing aspects of True Blood is that it doesn’t really seem to be aiming for deeper meaning or moody self-importance. It’s a juicy story, purely impure and often outrageous entertainment, surrounding Sookie and Bill with a colorful collection of Southern-fried characters, including Sookie’s oversexed redneck brother and vampire-friendly granny (the wonderfully eccentric Lois Smith) and a hilariously tough, trash-talking best friend.

Does HBO know what it’s gotten into, giving the ravenous legion of vampire-TV fans a new crusade should True Blood not be an instant hit?

This was posed to HBO’s newly installed entertainment president Sue Naegle, who good-naturedly described herself as “a bit of a nerd myself,” someone who understands the passion people have for TV. Like “when they send tons of peanuts for Jericho.”

“I wouldn’t want them on my doorstep, but I can appreciate that passion,” Naegle says. “I hope that this show gets that kind of rise out of people, as long as they don’t send a bunch of coffins to my office. But I think that people care deeply about characters and their television shows, and when they have a community—in our modern world of blogs and online communities, people come together. There’s bound to be a passionate voice. So bring it on.”

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