Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yanked off the Feeds #2: Comic-Con Day 1


“I just read that Kevin Smith has added a FIFTH panel, where he will make a "big announcement." If anyone has more info, comment away.”

“KINGS pilot is very well shot. Excellent production values and actors are so far top rate. Lots of promise if it stays close to this ongoing”

TV Squad:
  • Quickly posting: "As part of the Torchwood panel, it was announced that a series three of Torchwood was given a greenlight just this morning. It will of course air first in the UK, then will come to the US shortly afterwards."

...I know this is technically pre-Con news but: there are now EVEN BIGGER GIANT F***ING ROBOTS ARE COMING tee shirts available!

From reader mikeo75: "SeekTheSix is definitely not a Lost site...I just finished it :) "

LA Times on the surprise Hugh Jackman appearance with new "badass!" WOLVERINE trailer:

In a Comic-Con surprise, and straight from Australia, Hugh Jackman hopped off a plane and jumped on stage with a trailer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and it was a huge hit! From what I could see, popular characters Sabretooth and Silver Fox were there ... and Gambit!!

Jackman enthusiastically bounded off stage to shake the hand of Wolverine creator Len Wein, who was in the audience. It was a wonderful moment and pretty genuine when he told Wein that he "gave him a career.


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