Friday, July 25, 2008

Yanked from the Feeds: Comic-Con Day 2. All Tweet Edition.

Tweets, day 2: in order from most recent on top, to earliest in the day on the bottom...

“ComicCon meme: Too many guys dressed as The Joker.”

“2000 people waiting for Dr Horrible screening already. They're adding more screening rooms more info TBD”

“Leaving ComicCon, "Seek The Six" is written in the sky...”

“Going back to the hotel to nap before dinner at Tropic Thunder. I've heard mixed things, but still panting for Downey in blackface.”

“Odd realization: everybody in this room is here for Nick's "Avatar" and not for "24" or "Prison Break" at all.”

“Just saw a bunch of cool clips from Star Wars Clone Wars. Definitely looks very cool.”

“Hobo on the street drinking and has a jar jar binks mask on”

“Finally sitting down first time today. I might be passing out. Need chicken tacos.”

“just ate a pretzel dog. these are lows of depravity that even Sundance can't match.”

“Dr. Horrible DVD with commentary. Contest with video submissions with 10 best going on DVD.”

“Dr. Horrible panel was packed. Thrilling. Good fans are good.” (via drhorrible)

“Line for MST3k is already insane. so is 24/prison break. not gonna make those.”

“The Spirit = Epic Fail”

“@KarinaLongworth I, unfortunately, agree with Kevin's assessment so far. I had high hopes for The Spirit, this is a bit sad...” ('s twitterfeed @comiccon)

“Samuel Jackson's latest comic appearance and he's wearing a "BadMoFoKos" t-shirts! Awesome!!”

“The Wolfman actually looked kinda cool... seriously!”

“Just walked by judd apatow who was walking the show floor with his family”

“ComicCon meme: The Alex Ross illustrated "Obama Superhero" T-shirt.”

“ComicCon meme: TruBlood synthetic blood nourishment drink. Ads everywhere!”

“Zack Snyder just premiered an extended Watchmen trailer and it was AMAZING. I had chills the ENTIRE time - it looks STUNNING!!”

“OMG. Watchmen footage was actually AMAZING. Way better than the trailer. Unbelievably faithful to the comic.”

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets a bigger cheer at the "Watchmen" panel than Dave Gibbons. Geez. All he did was *co-create* the thing.”

“At the Watchmen panel with 3 thousand other people. Damn.”

“Unlike yesterday, I begin today with my two Comic-Con staples in hand. That would be Sugar Free Rock Star and Corn Nuts. W00t!”

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