Sunday, July 27, 2008

Martinis and Laptops

Hi everyone. My hands hurt from keeping up with all the online Comic-Con coverage this weekend, so I'm over at the home of one of those Fabulous Lipp Sisters who run the MAD MEN blog Basket of Kisses.

We're drinking martinis, mine is dirty, and getting ready to watch the MAD MEN Season 2 premiere tonight at 10pm. Afterwards we'll be trying to live chat with Matthew Weiner and chatting with each other on BoK.

Come join us...

*pours you a martini*


Greg said...

that is so many ways of awesome, I'm envious!

However, I shall be cashing in many iTunes codes for madmen of the few goodies at Nerd Prom that are paying off.

Roberta Lipp said...

Greg looks cute; he coulda come.

ProgGrrl said...


Well Greg's over in San Francisco...but yeah, Greg, definitely stop by the BoK thread this Sunday! :)