Friday, July 25, 2008

Kevin Smith quotes (undoubtably part one of a series)

Panel One:
5:20 - Kevin Smith and Jaime King [at the SCREAM Like A Girl panel]:

KS reads a cue card question to Jamie King, then tells her not to answer it. “You did The Tripper with Jason Mews, right? Did he try to fuck you? You’re not special, he does that to everyone. You’ve got two legs and a pulse.”

JK: Frank Miller is one of my closest freinds…

KS: Can you get me his autograph?

Jamie talks for a long time about how Frank Miller is “taking filmmaking to a whole other level.” (She’s basically giving the impression that she doesn’t know how to speak in non-publicist vetted language.)

KS: On The Spirit poster. “That’s a pimp campaign.”

JK: The Spirit doesn’t even come out until Xmas day, and its so great that people are actually putting effort into advertising something that I’m proud of.

KS: Note to self: if I ever put King in something, put her on the fucking poster.

Panel Two:
In the DC Nation panel, DC Comics honcho Dan Didio led a group of writers and editors who talked to and about the core of the convention: comic books and fans...In grand style, Didio brought up a secret guest: Kevin Smith. Smith remarked on the fact that the comic book convention had DC, one of the largest comics producers in the world, in a much smaller room than the star-seeking crowd assembled in Ballroom 20. The filmmaker/comics guy revealed that he would oversee a three-issue arc for the Dark Knight entitled "Batman: Cacophony," drawn by Walt Flanigan. The busy mini-mogul joked about not getting his books in on time and wished Didio "good luck" in getting the book out by deadline. He has started projects before, but occasionally falls off, as he noted by saying, "I'm Mr. Foreplay, but if you need me to thrust, forget it."


"You're like the Miley Cyrus of porn!"

-- Kevin Smith, after finding out Traci Lords made her first porno when she was 15.

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