Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a brick-layer...

Mo Ryan got this incredible interview with Ron Moore yesterday that is really dense with information. A few thoughts:

I am really happy to hear that even if Moore does not act as showrunner on an eventual CAPRICA series, that he is helping break the new scripts in development. Hopefully he'll stay in touch as the franchise's George Lucas throughout.

RE the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA webisodes, it's good to hear this from RDM himself, as I'd been hearing rumblings that they might not happen afterall. Fingers crossed, and hoping that Jamie Bamber and James Callis might still have some time to direct them? Or Edward James Olmos? Meanwhile, RDM sounds so darned FINAL about there only being one BSG movie...yet, do I actually believe him? *snicker*

I know that Mo feels the bit she put at the very bottom of this piece might be some kind of spoiler...but I think she missed another, possibly bigger one, that was left in the body of the interview. Can you find it?

It is so, so moving that RDM teared up during this interview. He always comes across as such a calm, serious dude. Yet he is very smart, and obviously appreciates what this show is, what it was, what it means to us all, creators and fans alike. It must be a hard thing to turn away from. *sob*

Also...I may have to give CHEATERS a try now? I am, afterall, a dedicated fan of SHOWGIRLS, doncha know. :D

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