Monday, July 21, 2008

Is James Purefoy going to be THE PHILANTHROPIST?

James Purefoy blew my mind as Antony in ROME on HBO, after many years of great character roles in film and TV...and it looks like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's David Eick might also have been impressed? (He already got ROME's Polly Walker on his BSG prequel CAPRICA.)

News today via Digital Spy:
James Purefoy is in negotiations to take the lead role in new NBC drama Philanthropist.

Purefoy, a Brit who also starred in BBC docu-drama Blackbeard: Terror At Sea, would play a billionaire bent on using his money and power to help those in need.

A 13-part season, ordered by NBC nearly a year ago, is now being led by Battlestar Galactica writer and executive producer David Eick.

Cross yer fingers...

[ETA: by the by, the Reporter piece from which this news originated also points out that THE PHILANTHROPISH has the Monday 10pm slot on NBC's midseason schedule. In case you were wondering.]

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