Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I knew it. Sarah Silverman never disappoints.

As expected, we need to find a full video of her comic-con's a little taste. LOL. (Truly beyond NSFW)

By the guys know that her "I'M FUCKING MATT DAMON" ditty got nominated for an Emmy, right? heheheheh

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SNiT said...

Dear ProgGrrl:

I was disturbed to see that you linked to the Sarah Silverman panel at Comic-Con. It was filth, pure filth, good only for shock value, which is in any case diminishing by the year (or even month!). Are you aware that you have underage readers, who look at your (usually) highly-informative "blog" in order to keep up with the latest doings in quality television. For shame, ProgGrrl, for shame.

I, for one, shall be cancelling my subscription. Yours truly, etc.