Sunday, July 20, 2008


TV Squad has some great bits and pieces:

  • Season Three (13 episodes) will air on DirecTV's 101 Network this October, and on NBC next February.

  • When pressed about the possibility of we rabid fans who don't have DirecTV pursuing, ahem, alternative distribution, showrunner Jason Katims suggested that their might be some alternative cuts and/or material in the DirecTV show. Are we talking about a longer cut, perhaps?

  • The DirecTV broadcast each week will be followed by a special called Friday Night Lights Live, in which some of the cast will take calls from viewers to discuss the show. Kewl!

  • The last thing is a mild but TOTALLY AWESOME spoiler having to do with Tami Taylor's future. It's at the bottom of their post. You'll love it!!!

ETA: over at TV Week, Zach Gilford is quoted as adding to this download discussion by saying: “If you're really such a big fan, go ahead and download it and then out of good conscience turn it on on NBC.”

That's a great idea - we fans should all do what "we gotta do," and then in February turn on the show each week (whether it's live or DVR'd) and just play it through. No pauses, no fast forwards. Let them rack up the view-count for their advertisers!


grrl-unscripted said...

and so begins my search for a nearby friend with DirectTv... my family being in the Cable side of things, I think I'll proceed quietly >.> *shhh*

and can I say OMG<333 for the Tami Taylor storyline! Considering the EPIC FAIL of the Emmys to recognize Connie Britton, it's especially nice to hear next season she'll have a big storyline to sink her teeth into.

ProgGrrl said...

@grrl: I just updated the post RE this DirecTV vs NBC thing...but, GOOD LUCK.