Monday, July 21, 2008

Comic-Con Part I

I'm still prepping a braindump of all that is holy for Geek Prom (aka Comic-Con) later this week...meanwhile, a few notes:

For you TRUE BLOOD & Alan Ball & vampire fans, it turns out that special news report advert I saw last week is for real, and the report is airing on HBO starting tonight. HBO has also begun this hilarious campaign of Pro-Vampire and Anti-Vampire coalitions who are campaigning online; around the meatspace; and will be at Comic-Con as well. This is a really well-put-together viral campaign (spearheaded by some of the folks who brought us THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT back in the day) that is well worth your time even if you haven't peeped the leaked pilot. Check out the official ARG site Blood Copy, and the fansite True-Blood.TV for tons of material.

Any die-hard online TREKkie has probably already noticed that JJ Abrams' new STAR TREK film is not stoking a big presence at Prom this year. But -- they have revamped the Trek official site with cool DLable graphics from those sweet new posters.

And I hope all you LOSTies out there are ready to rock the Dharma recruitment desk this Saturday at con...or are keeping your eyes out for this other new site that launches next Monday:


Octagon Global Recruiting, on behalf of the Dharma Initiative, is pleased to announce that Dharma's Head of Recruiting, Mr. Hans Van Eeghen, has confirmed his availability for the launch of our latest recruiting drive at Comic-Con 2008.

"My colleagues at Octagon Global Recruiting assure me that Comic-con hosts some of the brightest minds in the country," said Mr. Van Eeghen. "As Head of Recruiting it is my intention to personally assess the very best of this talent in the hope that they may join us."

The Dharma Initiative will be conducting eligibility assessments at Booth 3529 at Comic-Con, San Diego between July 24th - 27th.

If you are attending Comic-Con and would like to submit your name for a randomly selected drawing to secure one of ten (10) pre-release appointments with one of our recruiting officers, please click here.

The volunteer eligibility assessment will be available online from July 28th for a limited time at

The Dharma Initiative hopes you will spread the word. Invite your friends to join the team at

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